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Northern Pike

Northern Pike gets its name from its resemblance to the pole-weapon known as a pike. It may also be referred to as Pikerel or Jax. Northern Pike have needle-like teeth and are typically found in cold fresh water lakes and rivers. They have olive green with yellow to white shading along the belly. The dorsum has light bar-like spots and there are many dark spots on the fins. Pike has a firm, white flesh, similar to Walleye. The meat is sweet and excels in flavor. It is ideal for frying, but works well with many fish recipes. Northern Pike is the most important local fish in Winnipeg. Winnipeg has the only MSC certified Northern Pike commercial fishery. Northern Pike are commercially caught using gill nets. They are veracious predators. Northern consume large numbers of smaller fish in addition to frogs, crayfish, waterfowl and rodents. 

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