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La Catedral

La Catedral De Navarra has spent over 75 years perfecting the tradition of preserving vegetables. Starting during the Spanish Civil War when preserving food was done for survival. La Catedral breeds and grows, either organically or naturally, heirloom varieties of vegetables that they harvest at peak ripeness.  A family owned and run company, La Catedral has grown to support, and work closely with, the farmers surrounding their small community. Dedicated to preserving peak flavor throughout the process to be able to get the best tasting, highest quality, vegetables to their customers.






White Asparagus

Scalded just before peeling, these are fiber-free white asparagus that are tender and delicate. Harvested April through June and hand packed.

S0720985 · UPC 842806040425 · 12/19 oz



Piquillo Peppers Organic

These are red, small and sweet. They are preserved in a way that does not dilute the intensity of the pepper recently removed the fire.

S0720920 · UPC 8425806040425 · 12/8 oz


Whole Tomatoes

The fruit with the best balance of acidity and sugar content is chose for harvest. The La Catedral de Navarra tomato has a red consistent flesh and an exquisite taste.

S0720950 · UPC 8425806017069 · 6/20.3 oz


Broadbeans in Olive Oil

Collected by hand at the exact moment that is perfect for the tenderness and the size. Only the most tender and refined beans are chosen, then preserved in a smooth olive oil so the flavor is not drowned out.

S0720990 · UPC 8425806004021 · 12/12oz


Artichoke Halves in Brine

Blanca de Navarra variety; rounded with short leaves. No acidifier is added so as to preserve their flavor. 

S0720940 · UPC 8425806006070 · 12/12oz


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