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Kojo Plant-Based Jerky

Wilmington, Deleware

There are a lot of reasons for people to plant-based, for the founders of Kojo it was about the environment.  Plant-based protein generates at least 20X less emissions and used 20X less land than beef.  Plant-based jerky is a good source of protein and fiber.  When compared with beef jerky there is no cholesterol, no nitrates and lets you breathe easier about the planet.  Soybean based.



Cracked Pepper

U5350200 · UPC 850005048039 · 6/2.4 oz

Ginger Teriyaki

U5350000 · UPC 850005048046 · 6/2.4 oz

Spicy Chipotle

U5350100 · UPC 850005048053 · 6/2.4 oz



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