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La Jalancina

La Jalancina is a third generation company from Spain.  They believe in keeping production artisanal and produce small batches of their jams daily.  All varieties work wonderfully on toast for breakfast, and many also work with meat dishes or fresh cheeses, or as an accompaniment of foie gras.


Nispero Jam

Intensly sweet and somewhat acidic, great for pastries such as filling jelly rolls, or on warm fresh bread.

S1720220 · UPC 8411187410124 · 6/8.8oz.

Piquillo Pepper Jam

The aroma of freshly roasted wood blends perfectly with fresh cheese. 

S1720190 · UPC 8411187412012 ·  6/8.8 oz.

Tomato Jam

Perfect on toast for breakfast and ideal to add to a cheese platter, gilled meats, or compliment desserts. 
S1720160 · UPC 8411187410537 · 6/8.8oz.


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