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KL Keller

Oakland, California

Kitty Keller started KL Keller Foodways in 1994 with just three oils.  She was not able to find what she wanted for her kitchen, that was of a quality she desired.  After 20 years in sales, and living in Aix-en-Provence, France, Kitty began developing deep friendships and began collaborating with farmers, housewives and wine makers.  After importing products she wanted, she soon began working with artisans to create her own range of products, based off of her original desires of "I want this in my kitchen".  At KL Keller Foodways they will continue to tell the stories of their farmers and artisan producers and dreaming up new pairings of ingredients.  Ingredients are based on Quality first, and then supporting the individual producers and small cooperatives.



Fleur de Sel

A natural, hand-harvested sea salt from Brittany, France.  Gathered daily throughout the summer, the salt retains its original moisture, white color and briny taste. Adds a crunchy burst of flavor.

U2720202 · UPC 793232813103 · 12/5.4 oz.

Sel Gris

An unprocessed, large crystal salt that is harvested in the fall.  It gets its name from the minerals and algae it absorbs in the salt ponds of Brittany, France. 

U2720212 · 16 oz.


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