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Evergreen Waffles

Chicago, Illinois


Evergreen founder Emily Groden wanted the convenience of a frozen waffle for her 2-year old daughter without the additives and preservatives so often found in packaged foods. She created a waffle that is made with 100% whole wheat, has no refined sugar or dairy, and is flavored by fruits, vegetables, nuts, and spices only. No flavor has more than 12 total ingredients.



Frozen Mini Waffles 


Peanut Butter & Banana

U1410100 · UPC 860001627220 · 12/9 oz. 

Zuchinni & Carrot

U1410200 · UPC 860001627237 · 12/9 oz. 

Mixed Berry & Almond 

U1410300 · UPC 860001627213 · 12/9 oz. 

Chocolate Chip & Matcha 

U1410000 · UPC 860001627206 · 12/9 oz. 


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