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Chicago, Illinois


A women-owned and women-run company dedicated to bringing people together through a shared love of delicious food, regardless of dietary restriction or preference.  Storted by co-founders who discovered as adults that they could no longer eat many foods because of autoimmune disease and food allergies/intolerance.  Being foodies who were disappointed by what they could not eat, these gourmet-quality snack thins were developed.  Made with whole food ingredients, healthy fats, and free fromthe top 14 allergens and corn.



Cheese-less Snack Thins

No dairy? No problem.  All the cheesy flavor, but nothing gut-busting or unpronounceable.

U1330000 · UPC 850011737033 · 6/4 oz

Chive & Garlic

Move over ranch, there is a new flavor in town.  Herbalicious punch and a satisfying crunch.

U1330010 · UPC 850011737002 · 6/4 oz

Fiery Chile Lime

These with satisfy your zest for life and set your tast buds aflame.

U1330020 · UPC 850011737019 · 6/4 oz

Sea Salt Chia

Roasty, tasty, nutty flavor goodness - without the nuts.  A dusting of sea salt and chia seed s add crunch for a perfectly dippable cracker.

U1330030 · UPC 850011737026 · 6/4 oz


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