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Greenville, South Carolina


The Duke’s Mayonnaise legacy began at Camp Sevier in Greenville, South Carolina. Noting the hardworking, hungry soldiers-in-training, Eugenia Duke began selling sandwiches slathered with her homemade mayonnaise starting in 1917. Eugenia’s sandwiches and the mayonnaise that gave them their special flavor were so unforgettably delicious that years after they’d left the camp, soldiers wrote to Eugenia begging for her sandwich recipes and jars of her delectable spread. After the war ended, Eugenia’s sandwiches enterprise was still flourishing, but Duke shifted her efforts to the mayonnaise that made her sandwiches so flavorful. As a result, Duke began selling her mayonnaise as a separate product, and the rest is history.



Duke's Mayonnaise

81501080 · UPC 052500050023 · 12/16 oz.
81501075 · 4/1 gal


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