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Dreidoppel is the world’s premier manufacturer of flavorings and specialty ingredients for pastry, confection, and ice cream producers around the world. Based in Germany, the company has over 100 years of experience producing fine fruit, nut, coffee and liquor flavorings for culinary professionals. Dreidoppel strives to make good things even better not just through flavors, but through their commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.

Flavor Pastes

Give your desserts the greatest flavor with Dreidoppel's large array of Flavor Pastes. Citrus, floral, fruity, or boozy, take your pick! This incredibly versatile product can be used to flavor icing, buttercream, cake mix, pastry cream, whipping cream, glaze, mousse, cheesecake, ganache, and so much more!

Amaretto Flavor Paste

U5250010 · 6/2.2 lb 

Apple Flavor Paste 

U5250020 · 6/2.2 lb

Banana Flavor Paste 

U5250030 · 6/2.2 lb

Blueberry Flavor Paste 

U5250050 · 6/2.2 lb

Blackberry Flavor Paste 

U5250055 · 6/2.2 lb

Caramel Flavor Paste 

U5250060 · 6/2.2 lb

Cherry Flavor Paste

U5250070 · 6/2.2 lb

Lemon Fruit Flavor

U5250080 · 6/2.2 lb

Lime Flavor Paste 

U5250100 · 6/2.2 lb

Mandarin Flavor Paste 

U5250110 · 6/2.2 lb

Mango Flavor Paste 

U5250120 · 6/2.2 lb

Marc de Champagne Flavor Paste 

U5250130 · 6/2.2 lb

Mocafe Flavor Paste 

U5250140 · 6/2.2 lb

Orange Flavor Paste 

U5250150 · 6/2.2 lb


Passion Fruit Flavor Paste 

U5250170 · 6/2.2 lb

Peach Flavor Paste 

U5250180 · 6/2.2 lb

Pear William Flavor Paste 

U5250190 · 6/2.2 lb

Pineapple Flavor Paste 

U5250200 · 6/2.2 lb

Pistachio Flavor Paste 

U5250210 · 6/2.2 lb

Raspberry Flavor Paste 

U5250220 · 6/2.2 lb

Jamaica Rum Flavor Paste 

U5250230 · 6/2.2 lb

Strawberry Flavor Paste 

U5250240 · 6/2.2 lb

Pomegranate Flavor Paste 

U5250245 · 6/2.2 lb

Chocolate Mint Dessert Sauce

U5250260 · 6/2.2 lb

Blueberry Dessert Sauce

U5250270 · 6/2.2 lb

Forest Berry Dessert Sauce

U5250280 · 6/2.2 lb

Kiwi Dessert Sauce

U5250290 · 6/2.2 lb

Mango Dessert Sauce

U5250310 · 6/2.2 lb


U5250250 · 6/2.2 lb



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