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Dutchland Classic Pastries

Lester, Iowa

Dutchland Frozen Foods is a third-generation family owned company with their roots planted deeply in the Midwest.  Creating delicious, delectable, high quality pastries since 1992.  Pastries are made with 100% European-style butter, with a higher butter fat content, creating a taste that is 'butterier'.  With the ingredients are all clean coupled with the European-style butter, resulting in light, flakey and tasty pastries for your customers.  Because they are ready-to-bake they have already been proofed and are freezer to oven ready.  RTB helps reduce over production, cutting down on waste, and helps to ensure that you are able to have fresh baked product for your customers throughout the day. Perfect for a buffet table, breakfast or brunch service, or a bakery.



Cinnamon Buns

80500150 · 72/4 oz.

Palmiers Classic

80500200 · 90/4 oz.

Croissant Sheets 3 mm.

Dutchland Classic Pastry dough in 10” x 15” sheets. This gives you the flexibility to create and put your unique signature on just about any innovative pastry, dessert, or savory offering.

80500520 · 16 sheets/cs

Cinnamon Danish Buns

80500155 · UPC 752830417199 · 96 ct/ 3.75 oz.


Hand Pies



80500700 · 80/ 3.25 oz.



80500710 · 80/ 3.25 oz.



80500720 · 80/ 3.25 oz.



80500750 · 80/ 4 oz.


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