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Palacios was founded in 1983, but has quickly gained a reputation for excellent chorizo and now exports its Spanish Chorizo worldwide. Palacios chorizos are cured with parika, salt and garlic, with no nitrates or nitrites added.

Mini Chorizo

Fully dry-cured and deliciously flavored with smoked Spanish pimenton, these 2–3 inches long chorizos are ideal for appetizers or bar menus.

S0300220 · Dry-Cured  · UPC 648230001550 · 16/6.5 oz. 

Cured Chorizo “U”-Shape

A unique, cured, hard chorizo, originating in La Rioja, Spain. Its recipe includes smoky, sweet pimenton, garlic, and sherry. It comes as a U-shaped link. Available in sweet and hot flavors. Produced in Spain.

S0300230 · Iberico · Dry-Cured  · UPC 648230581601 · 14/7.05 oz.
S0300250 · Mild · Dry-Cured  · UPC 89668002193 · 14/7.9 oz. 
S0300280 · Hot · Dry-Cured  · UPC 648230001420 · 14/7.9 oz.


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