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Olympia Provisions

Portland, Oregon

Everything that Olympia Provisions makes is handcrafted naturally with the ultimate goal of quality. In order to achieve a finished product that tastes as good as it possibly can, they pay fastidious attention to the details. Ingredients are their inspiration and they seek out the best and freshest. Olympia Provisions butcher antibiotic-free Pacific Northwest pork to 100% lean, adding pure, soft fatback, and a judicious amount of sea salt, fresh garlic and freshly ground spices. Their cured meats are held in natural casings and maintained in the organic white mold that protects them. Such a deliberate approach promises the ultimate reward: vibrant yet gentle flavor and authentic, unique character. They craft charcuterie based upon the regional flavors and traditions of Europe, infusing a bit of their own style into each one.

Olympia Provisions’ cured meats are crafted with natural, edible hog casings and authentic molds.

2015 Good Food Award Winner


Saucisson Sec {Saw-sis-sahn Sek}

Classic French style salami seasoned with fresh garlic and cracked black pepper.

Y1500250 · 15/4.5 oz.

Saucisson D’Arles {Saw-sis-Sahn De-ahurls}

Their most elemental and simple salami: just pork and sea salt.

Y1500280 · 15/4.5 oz. 

Saucisson D’Alsace {Saw-sis-Sahn De-al-Sahs}

Alsatian pub salami flavored with clove, nutmeg, allspice and cinnamon.

Y1500310 · 15/4.5 oz.

Cacciatore {Kah-chuh-tor-aye}

Italian hunter’s style salami with caraway, coriander, chili flake and cracked black pepper.

Y1500010 · 15/4.5 oz

Finocchiona {Fin-ohk-ee-own-ah}

Traditional Italian salami with fresh garlic, cracked black pepper and fennel seed. Natural/edible hog casings, authentic molds.

Y1500040 · 15/4.5 oz.

Sopressata {Sow-press-sah-tah}

Sopressata is said to be the “salami of the people” and every Latin speaking country claims to have invented it. The simple translation is “slightly spicy pork.” Olympia Provisions’ is crafted with a little heat, fresh garlic, and the slightest note of clove.

Y1500100 · 15/4.5 oz.

Salami Nola {No-lah}

Course-ground Italian salami with black pepper, chili flake and allspice. Hailing from the region of Campania, which is known for adding allspice to their meats. This gives the meat a unique earthy, iron taste that we have come to love.

Y1500070 · 15/4.5 oz.

Chorizo Rioja {Chor-iz-oh ri-oh-ha}

Our most traditional Spanish style chorizo, flavored with bright smoked and sweet Pimentón de la Vera, earthy garlic and oregano.

Y1500190 · 15/4.5 oz. 

Chorizo Andalucia {Chor-IZ-oh anda-LOO-see-AH}

Flavored with Pimentón de la Vera, fresh garlic and clove, this chorizo represents southern Spain, where the flavors are sultry, smoky and smooth.

Y1500130 · 15/4.5 oz. 

Chorizo Navarre {Chor-IZ-oh nah-VAR}

A Northern Spanish style chorizo, punctuated with Pimentón de la Vera, fresh garlic, and just the right amount of cayenne to imbue a warm heat.

Y1500160 · 15/4.5 oz. 

Salchichon {Sahl-chee-chohn}

Spanish-style festival salami with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, black pepper and fresh garlic.

Y1500220 · 15/4.5 oz. 

Loukanika {loo-KAH-nik-ah}

Greek style salami with vivid flavors of cumin and hints of orange zest, based on the family recipe of Salumist, Elias Cairo.

Y1500340 · 15/4.5 oz. 

Rigani Loukanika

Greek style salami with oregano, garlic and orange zest in a larger format.

Y1500410 · 2 lb.

Salami Etna

Sicilian style large format salami with pistachios, lemon zest and sea salt.

Y1500430 · 2 lb.


Classic Italian cold cut flecked with California pistachios, black peppercorns and hand-cut fatback, nuanced with the warm flavor of baking spices.*

Y1500370 · 2/8 lbs.

Pork Liver Mousse

Rich and creamy mousse of pork liver, slightly sweetened with port wine and capped with rendered lard.*

Y1500470 · 6/8 oz.

Pork Rillette

Rich, tender pork shoulder slowly cooked in its own fat and hand-chopped, brightened by fresh ginger and herbs, with warm notes of baking spices. Capped with rendered lard.*

Y1500530 · 6/8 oz.
Y1500535 · 2/5 lb.

Pork Pistachio Pâté

Rustic pork pâté marinated in red wine, fresh thyme and shallots and studded with California pistachios. Contains gluten.*

Y1500500 · 6/8 oz.
Y1500505 · 2/5 lb.

*Cooked products have a shelf life of 60 days. Opened, 7–10 days.

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