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Boschi Fratelli Prosciutto di Parma 18 month

Packed 1, 16.5 lb prosciutto di Parma is authentically produced within the Emilia Romagna region of Italy, where the mountain air is swee, dry, and aromatic. Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) product.

Y0700010 · 16 lb

Prosciutto di San Daniele 16 month

Produced in a DOP with no artificial ingredients.  Aged a minimum of 16 months.

Y0700020 · 18 lb

Speck, Alto Adige IGP

The unminstakable flavor in this speck comes from a unique blend of spices, it is then lightly smoked and cured in the fresh mountain air for 24 weeks.

Y0700040 · 2/5 lb

Pre-Sliced Prosciutto

Prosciutto pre-sliced in 1 lb packs for easy food service. 

Y0700100 · UPC 855498005804 · 6/1 lb 

Prosciutto Cotto Cooked Ham

Prociutto cotto is not a common cooked ham.  This high qulity cooked ham is slowly steamed for more than a day adding salt and spices to exalt its delicate and fragrant flavor.  Gluten free, no MSG, no dairy additives, no phosphates added.

Y0700050 · 10 lb


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