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Molinari & Sons

San Francisco, California


P.G. Molinari is a name that has meant excellence in Italian salame and sausage for over one hundred years. Founded in 1896, Molinari & Sons has carried on the traditional Italian art of sausage-making in the cool climate of San Francisco. Through four generations, the Molinari family has provided Americans with the finest in salami and Italian sausages of all types. As a family-owned business, P.G. Molinari & Sons continues the tradition of quality products and services.




Y0410130 · Cured Salami · 6/2 lb
Y0410250 · Fresh Sausage Links · 6/5 lb


Hot Coppa

Y0410220 · 16/1.5 lb


Hot Salami, In Netting

Y0410145 · 4/4 lb


Hot Salami

Y0410055 · 10/3 lb


Mild Coppa

Y0410205 · 16/1.5 lb



Y0410010 · 1/5 lb


Pepperoni, Slicing

Y0410085 · 10/3 lb



Y0410175 · 7/4 lb



Y0410190 · 7/4 lb



Y0410040 · 7/8 oz.


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