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Lowry Hill Provisions

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Based out of Northeast Minneapolis and sourcing all natural pork regionally from Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin - Lowry Hill Provisions is a salumeria that focuses on a pork forward flavor profile with low acidity and a delicate, but coarse texture. Creatively selected flavor bouquets, hand trimmed pork, and hand tied salami make their salami like no other, and provide a noticeable difference in character, flavor, and quality.



Hot Chili Salami

A warm heat of chili flakes, paprika, and garlic.
Y1002000 · UPC 850049530019 · 4/6 oz 
Y1002018 · 3.5 lb · PRE-ORDER


Red Locks Salami

Aromatic spices layered with vanilla notes from Red Locks Irish Whiskey.
Y1002002 · UPC 850049530026 · 4/6 oz


Rosé Salami

Fresh rosemary and red wine with notes of citrus and berries.
Y1002004 · UPC850049530033 · 4/6 oz


Sumac Salami

Deep umami notes of mushrooms with a citrus tang of sumac.
Y1002006 · UPC 850049530057 · 4/6oz


Garlic Salami

Saucisson sec in style with garlic and white wine.
Y1002010 · UPC 850049530040 · 4/6 oz
Y1002020 · 3.5 lb · PRE-ORDER


Fennel Salami

Warm sweet fennel notes, garlic, and white wine.
Y1002012 · 850049530002 · 4/6 oz


Red Wine & Garlic Salami

Large calibur slicing salami with aromatic fresh rosemary and earthy red wine notes.
Y1002022 · 3.5 lb 


Spanish Chorizo

Spanish style chorizo with smoked paprika, garlic, and sherry.
Y1002006 · UPC 850049530064 · 4/9 oz



Unsliced dry aged pepperoni, 100% pork, spiced with paprika and fennel.
Y1002050 · 2 lb · PRE-ORDER



Cooked salami - finer grind, garnished with green peppercorns, notes of garlic and white wine.
Y1002014 · 3 lb · PRE-ORDER


Milano Cotto

Cooked salami - a mild coarse ground pork sausage with notes of garlic and white wine.
Y1002016 · 3 lb 



Large caliber fennel salamiwith garlic and fennel pollen.
Y1002024 · 2 lb · PRE-ORDER



Traditional style mortadella with warm spices and garnished with cubed fatback. *Contains no pistachio nuts.
Y1002026 · 3 lb


Royal Ham

French style cooked ham, cured with aromatics, mild smoked, and with a delicate texture.
Y1002200 · 6 lb


City Ham

Cured and hot smoked whole muscle ham with rosemary, bay leaf, juniper, and black pepper.
Y1002205 · 3 lb



Cooked pork sausage with marjoram and coriander.
Y1002100 · UPC 050049530075 · 12/1 lb


Cheese Sausage

Cooked pork sausage with Alemar St. James Tomme Style cheese.
Y1002105 · UPC 050049530099 · 12/1 lb


Farmers Sausage

Coarse grilling cooked pork sausage perfectly balanced with salt, pepper, garlic, and beer.
Y1002110 · UPC 050049530303 · 12/1 lb


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