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We are creators of delicious food inspired by the flavors, techniques, traditions, and culture of Italy. While we major in salumi, there are a few other menu items we couldn’t help but make.
Fra’ Mani was launched in Berkeley, CA in 2006, by acclaimed chef and cookbook author Paul Bertolli. And as much as some things change, others don’t, as we still call Berkeley home and Paul still oversees all the making, bringing that same creative and maniacal attention to artistry and flavor that only a chef can bring.
We firmly believe there’s a right way and a wrong way of doing things. For us, that means treating time like a key ingredient because you can’t rush delicious. That means sourcing our ingredients from family farmers committed to the well-being of their crops, animals, and land. That means no antibiotics, artificial growth hormones, or meat by-products...ever. That means committing to the most sustainable practices possible to ensure that we’re doing our part to protect the broader food ecosystem.
We’ve only got one planet. We’ve only got one life. And we like to spend as much time of it as possible with family, friends, and the most delicious food imaginable.



Fra'Mani's largest salame is inspired by the Sopressa Vicentina located in Vicenza of Northern Italy. The meat is coarsely cut, combined with just the right amount of fat, and seasoned with cloves for a rich, buttery flavor and perfectly soft texture.

Y2500600 · 2/5 lb.




This labor of love is made with prime cuts from the leg, shoulder, and belly. It's hand-trimmed, finely ground, and speckled with small cubes of pork jowl. It's then slow-roasted and finished with a kiss of smoke. Like the classic version, our Mortadella is properly pistachio free.

Y2500620 · 2/6 lb.




Salame Rosa

Salame Rosa is a salame cotto (cooked salame), tracing its origins back to the city of Bologna, Italy. Fra'Mani takes prime cuts from the shoulder and coarsely chops the meat to create a distinctive mosaic look. It is seasoned with coriander, white pepper, and mace, studded with pistachios, and slow-roasted with a hint of natural fruitwood smoke.

Y2500640 · 2/6 lb.




Rosemary Ham

This ham is all about subtelty with savory rosemary, naturally sweet pork, and the slightest hint of smoke. Hanned trimmed with Fra'Mani's signature thing layer of cover fat- flat out delicious.

Y2500660 · 2/4 lb.


Inspired by Tuscan tradtion, this salame is made with lean cuts of pork and a touch of pearly white fat for a unique taste and texture. It is seasoned with red wine, black pepper, garlic, and sea salt. 

The Toscano won a "Best in Class" Gold Medal at the World Charcuterie Awards.

Y2500740 · 2/4 lb.



Spicy Capicollo

Made from hand-trimmed boneless pork shoulder, Fra'Mani's capicollo has a smooth texture and robust flavor with just th eright amount of spice. It's seasoned with red pepper, garlic, fennel seed, and black pepper, and lightly smoked to perfection.

Y2500630 · 2/4 lb.



The word Nostrano means "our own" in Italian and this salame is just that. Seasoned with sea salt, black pepper, garlic, and white wine, Fra'Mani's house salame is mild with a touch a sweetness that pays homage to a classic Northern Italian style.

Y2500740 · 4/2 lb.

Smoked Pancetta 

Fra'Mani's recipe is inspired by the traditional Italian method of pancetta arrotolata. That means succulent pork bellies that are hand-trimmed ans seasoned with Fram'Mani's own blend of herbs and spices. It is then slow-smoked over hardwood and prepped for ultimate enjoyment.

Y2500650 · 3/2.75 lb. · PREORDER

Sweet Apple Ham

This sweet, tender ham pairs a touch of smoke with subtle flavors of apple juice. It is hand-trimmed with a delicious thin layer of cover fat that gives and unforgettably lucious taste.

 Y2500662 · 2/4 lb. · PREORDER



This is Fra'Mani's version of the traditional American Genoa Salame with a few improvements. They use a coarser grind of 100% pork (with prime cuts) instead of the traditional beef/pork combo. It's seasoned with a blend of spices and a perfect note of nutmeg. This will change how you think of Genoa Salame.

Y2500680 · 2/8 lb.


Turkey Galantine

Fra'Mani's Turkey Galantine uses both light and dark meat, giving it a rich, savory flavor and a taste of the whole bird with each slice. It is simply seasoned with salt and pepper and then slow-roasted for optimum juiciness.

Y2500720 · 2/6 lb. · PREORDER

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