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Ferndale Market

Cannon Falls, Minnesota

Dale Peterson founded the farm in 1939, choosing the location because it was ideally suited for growing turkeys outdoors. Shortly after, Dale married Fern, and together they fostered a family farm tradition that still proudly bears their name. Now in their third generation, the family continues to grow turkeys free-range, providing them plenty of room to roam outdoors during the temperate months.



Cranberry Turkey Snack Stick

P2320020 · UPC 857599002065 · 20/8 oz. 


Pepperjack Turkey Snack Sticks

P2320010 · UPC 857599002058 · 20/8 oz. 

Ferndale Smoked Turkey Breast

P2320055 · 6/5 lb


Ferndale Roasted Turkey Breast

P2320100 · 6/5 lb


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