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Fabrique Délices Sausages

Hayward, California

Fabrique Delices has been producing French-style charcuterie products for over 20 years. The company produces 3,000 pounds of charcuterie a day, all in the traditional manner and mostly by hand.


Rillettes de Porc

A combination of All-Natural shredded pork meat, pork fat seasoned and cooked "Confit style".

Y1900050 · 7oz.

Rillettes du Perigord

A combination of shredded duck meat, duck fat seasoned and cooked "Confit style".

Y1900030 · 6/7oz.

Chicken Terrine with Pistachios

Chicken mousse pâté flavored with pistachios.

Y0310370 · 3.5 lb

Truffle Mousse

Creamy chicken livers, Truffles and Cépes (Porcini) marinated in Sherry wine.

Y1900070 · 6/7oz.
Y1900230 · 2/3 lb

Pâté de Campagne Forestier

A country style pâté made of All-Natural pork and flavored with mushrooms, Porcini and garlic.

Y1900250 · 3.5 lb


100% Lamb Merguez with the perfect balance of spices. It is spicy but not too hot. All natural.
H0710010 · 4/3 lb

Saucisson À L'ail Garlic Sausage

A fully cooked, ready-to-eat, blend of pork and fresh and roasted garlic. Perfect cold as an appetizer or warm to serve in casserole or potato dish.

H0710160 · 12/1.5 lb 

Saucisson de Canard Cured Duck Salami

This rich, flavorful French style duck salami has an excellent balance of seasoning and flavor as well as a pleasant moist texture.

Y0910190 · 7-8oz.

Pâté de Campagne with Black Pepper

A coarse-textured pork pâté with black pepper and red wine.

Y1900100 · 6/7 oz.
Y0310300 · 2/3.5 lb

Saucisson Sec French Dry Saucisson

H0710200 · 8/12 oz.

Boudin Blanc {White Pudding Sausage}

H0710100 · 10/1 lb

Duck Mousse with Port Wine

Y1900230 · 6/7 oz. 
Y1900150  · 3.5 lb


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