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Dona Juana

Harbor City, California

Doña Juana, produced by La Espanola Meats is located in California. It is where family recipes become delicious Spanish sytle suasages like Fuet and Salchichon de Vic.



Prepared simply on the grill or added to stews and rice dishes.

S0300430 · Regional Specialty · Chub · 10/16 oz. 


A garlicky staple of the Catalonian diet, the wide diameter of this sausage makes it a visually appealing component of any charcuterie plate.

S0300550 · 6/16 oz.


A smaller, raw version of the popular Catalonian sausage, butifarra.

S0300490 · 10/16 oz.

Fuet Catalan

Its name means "whip" and denotes its long thin appearance.  This dry-cured, all-pork salami orginates from Catalonia, but is popular all over Spain.  It is cured without pimonton and has a small diameter.  It is good for a charcuterie plate or eating on its own.

S0300580 · 14/12 oz.

Morcilla Blood Sausage

This fully cooked blood sausage is the core ingredient in making a signature dish of Asturias, fabada.

S0300640 · With Onion · UPC 037479010001 · 20/8 oz. 
S0300610 · With Rice · UPC 037479009005 · 20/8 oz. 




Pamplona originates from the same town as the famous running of the bulls.  It is dry-cured and ground a bit finer and has a strong, smoky, pimenton flavor.  It can be used on a bocadillo or a substitute for pepperoni on pizzas or flatbreads.

S0300520 · UPC 037479008008 · 8/20 oz.


Slow cooked with potatoes and onions, this becomes the base of the famous smoky stews of La Rioja.

S0300460 · UPC 037479001252 · 10/16 oz.

Salchichon de Vic

This salchichon originates from the small town of Vic, north of Barcelona.  This large, dry-cured slicing sausage is similar to Italian salamis as it does not contain pimenton.

S0300340 · UPC 037479017000 · 6/1.5 lb


This is a soft, spreadable, dry-cured chorizo recipe from the Mediterranean island of Mallorca.

S0300310 · UPC 037479019004 · 6/1.5 lb


The Soria variety originated in old Castille around Soria and Logroño.  Hand-diced pork loin is seasoned, and dried overnight to reduce moisture.  Then the mixture is put into natural casing and dry-cured for three months.

S0300400 · UPC 037479007001 · 9/17.8 oz.
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