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San Antonio, Texas

At Fortune Fish & Gourmet we believe that when producing sausages the casing is equally as important as is what goes into the sausage.  DeWied International Inc. is a third generation family business founded in 1932.  They have always held themselves to the highest standards and produce the highest quality Natural casings in the industry.  They have set the standard for the casing industry for over 70 years.

DeWied has a demanding set of standards that they produce to.  These standards include:

  • Optimum strand length for efficient production
  • Minimum number of holes
  • Maximum yields for lowest casing cost per pound of finished product
  • Consistant uniform calibration


Sheep/Lamb Casings

Course emulsion grade casings.  These are typically used for sausages such as breakfast links. The casings are made using a grinder plate with 1/8th inch (3mm) holes or larger.  Also referred to as AB, B or PQ grade.  22-24mm in diameter.

L0700548 · 22-24 mm · 10 Hanks per bucket
L0700552 · 20-22 mm · 10 Hanks per bucket


Hog/Pork Casings

The pork casings offered by Fortune Fish & Gourmet are hand pulled.  Hand pulled casings thve had the ruffle fat removed by hand, resulting in casings that are whisker-free.  The process also removes the ruffle fat and outer collegen membrane.  These types of casings are good for all sausage types, but are fest for fresh sausages.  32-35mm in diameter.

J0700310 · 32-35 mm · 10 Hanks per bucket
J0700340 · 30-32 mm · 10 Hanks per bucket
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