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Despaña Authentic Spain

New York, New York

Founded as a chorizo factory in 1971, Despana produces the finest and most authentic Spanish chorizos in the USA. For over 40 years they have remained true to traditional recipes and ingredients imported directly from Spain to craft cured and cooked chorizos and morcilla blood sausage. Their high quality standards in producing the best Spanish sausages have given Despana great notoriety in the industry and recognition by renown chefs and retail stores across the country.



From the northwest Spanish region of Salamanca, this is a traditional slicing chorizo. About 1.5" in diameter, it is perfect for sandwiches and tapas.

S0300160 · Dry-Cured · 8/2.5 lb Chub

Cooking Chorizo

This semi-cured and cooked sausage is made from lean pork and is well seasoned with traditional spices.

S0300110 · UPC 857248001050 · 12/12 oz. 
S0300010 · 4:1 · 4/7.5 lb 
S0300040 · Long · 2:1 · 10 lb


Thin Spanish-style sausage, typical of teh regions of Navarra, Aragon and the Basque Country.  This sausage is made with pork, pimenton de la vera picante, and a blend of spices giving it a complex flavor profile.

S0300135 · Dry-Cured · UPC 857248001074 · 12/12 oz.



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