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From the outset, the goal of Creminelli Fine Meats has been to provide Americans with traditional Italian meat specialties some of which weren’t otherwise available in the U.S. and many of which are available only on a regional basis in Italy. They hope to improve the selection of fine meats in the U.S. and in so doing provide exciting new culinary experiences for Americans. Creminelli fine meats uses only natural and organic ingredients, and heritage meats from animals raised humanely, without antibiotics, on vegetarian feed.





Sopressata Veneta

A recipe from northeast Italy where wine and garlic are used everywhere, especially in salami. Sopressa refers to a time when the salami was pressed between planks to age and when the local notary was the only one with a large enough residence and enough integrity to be entrusted with this fine salami.
Y0101099 · 2/5 lb.



Prosciutto Creminelli

Prosciutto Crudo literally means “raw ham” in Italian. Prosciutto Creminelli is the Creminelli version of a centuries-old tradition, made by salting and hanging whole hams to dry for a minimum of 10 months. Prosciutto Creminelli combines the juxtaposed tastes of salty and sweet to create a melt-in-your mouth delicacy that can be applied in a variety of dishes.
Y0101128 · 1/10 lb.
Y0101174 · 6/12 oz. Pre-Sliced



Creminelli Pancetta

Pancetta, or Italian bacon, is pork belly that is salted, rolled and hung to dry, unlike traditional bacon which is flat and is brined and smoked in its preparation. Pancetta has as many uses as bacon and is also used in Pasta Carbonara and Pasta all’Amatriciana. It adds flavor when wrapped around cooked vegetables and is great on sandwiches. Pancetta, unlike the other Artisan Deli meats, will freeze without serious damage to the product.
Y0101108 · 3/6 lb.



Originating from Bologna, Mortadella is the forefather of American baloney. Mortadella is made by blending lean and fat pork and spices until it is emulsified. Some larger producers add pistachios, but this is not typical of artisan style production. The Creminelli version, following artisan tradition, is hand-tied in a natural casing and not fully emulsified, making it lighter and softer. This also gives it a characteristic mottled or spotty look
Y0101098 · 5-6 lb.



The name refers to the prized whole cut of pork that is used, a perfectly marbled, perfectly clean shoulder cut that is dry-rubbed, massaged, marinated and then air-dried to magical affect. The most famous version of dried coppa comes from Piacenza, Italy near Parma. The indications of a good coppa include likeness in texture of the fat and lean and sweetness without unpleasant levels of salt or acidity. Like prosciutto, coppa should not have distinctive flavors beyond the sweet aged meat flavor. Coppa can replace prosciutto in most applications, particularly the Creminelli version with Cristiano’s signature sweet cure.
Y0101102 · 3/3 lb.


Varzi is a small Lombardy town of little note except for this wonderful culinary jewel. Unlike its fellow Lombardy salami, the Milano, the Varzi has a coarse grind and spiced notes of nutmeg and clove. Otherwise, the Varzi has a very delicate and approachable flavor that can work on a sandwich or on an antipasto plate.
Y0101104 · 3/3 lb.



Legend says that the fennel-infused Finocchiona salame recipe was discovered when a Tuscan peasant boy ran into a field of wild fennel to enjoy a stolen salami. More likely, fennel was introduced to the mix to stretch the meat to feed the Tuscan peasant boy’s family. Either way, it’s good.
Y0101105 · 2/5 lb.



The Calabria region is known for spicy foods, including the all-important Calabrese salami, also known as pepperoni. The Creminelli version is spicy but not overwhelming, with nice garlic and a pleasant fatty unctuousness, making it ideal as a pepperoni for pizza. It has the same coarsely ground whole cuts of meat and cured meat flavor from Creminelli’s signature slow curing that makes it equally as pleasant on a sandwich or on its own.
Y0101101 · 3/3 lb.


Prosciutto cotto literally means cooked ham in Italian. It is the most commonly used deli product in Italy. A prosciutto cotto differs from an American ham in several ways. First, the skin is left on the top of the product (like prosciutto di Parma) to keep in moisture and flavors. Second, the prosciutto is cooked very slowly creating a unique flaky texture. Third, the spices used are more aromatic and there is no smoking or sweetening creating a more delicate flavor.
Y0101030 · 7.5 lb.



Felino is the most ancient salami recipe on record. It is the sister to Prosciutto di Parma because anciently and often still today it is made from the prized trimmings of prosciutto before it is salted. It’s a good salami for starters – meaning a good antipasto salami to start your meal and, due to its mild and accessible flavor, a good salami for those new to artisan meats. Felino will generally be the driest of the Artisan Deli salamis because of its small diameter.
Y0101100 · 8/1.25 lb.



The everyday salami of Italians, Milano delivers a mild, tart, peppery flavor that makes it a very pleasant everyday habit. The finely chopped texture gives it similarity to the American-invented Genoa salami. The larger diameter – wide enough to cover your bread – and lower cost makes it ideal as a sandwich meat.
Y0101103 · 2/5 lb.


Pronounced Mochetta, it is a small version of Bresaola and one of very few beef products in the Italian deli. Mocetta and Bresaola originated in small regions in the mountainous far north of Italy but are now used widely. Mocetta comes from the Valle d’Aosta Region of Italy bordering France. The beef eye of round is dry-rubbed, massaged, marinated and air-dried. It has no casing.
Y0101097 · 3/3 lb.


Creminelli’s Capicola is a cooked version of the dried Coppa, and is also called Coppa Cotta. It is dry-rubbed and massaged with salt and clove and slow roasted to make a robustly flavored shoulder ham. The flavor profile is typical of the Piedmont region with distinct clove, juniper and rosemary flavors. The consistency is very similar to ham, but is smaller and drier.
Y0101106 · 2/4 lb.


Iberico Lardo

Cristiano Creminelli can perform a lot of magic in his curing cells. Famous for his salami, now chefs and foodies alike are learning that he is no one-trick Italian pony. Nowhere is this more evident than when you taste his Iberico Lardo. Sliced paper thin on “grissini torinesi” or grilled crostini, Creminlli’s Iberico Lardo, all two inches thick of it, melts in your mouth…and in your subconscious mind…forever.
Y0101118 · 2/2 lb.

Small Format Salami


Salame al Barolo has a sparkle in its flavor that comes from the generous amount of Barolo red wine that’s added to the traditional Felino salami mix. There are many famous Italian red wines, but none of them are as respected as Barolo from Piedmont. The richness of the Barolo lingers in this already robustly flavored artisan salami creating a truly complex, bursting flavor that is difficult to replicate and impossible to forget. The Barolo salami won the Good Food Award in its inaugural year.
Y0101066 · Individually Wrapped 9/7 oz. 


Sopressata is the best known of the Italian salamis and the most likely to be familiar even to the uninitiated. The Creminelli version is redolent of garlic and red wine giving it a robust and easy-to-enjoy flavor. Sopressata got its name from the practice of pressing the salami between planks of wood resulting in a straight, flattened shape. The northern Italian version from Vicenza, in the Veneto region, did away with the pressed shape and has become an international favorite.
Y0101067 · Individually Wrapped 9/5.5 oz.


Salame Casalingo is the most delicately flavored of the salame family which is where it gets its other name, sale e pepe, or salt and pepper salami. Because Cristiano’s particular skill lies in coaxing flavor from pork through the curing process, the Casalingo, which does not rely on any heavy spices for flavor, is his specialty.
Y0101064 · Individually Wrapped 9/5.5 oz. 


Salame al Tartufo is considered a treat for special occasions even in Italy. The Tartufo starts as a Felino salami to which Cristiano adds black summer truffles, their delicate earthy aroma working magic with the all-natural pork and simple Felino spice blend. Creminelli’s Tartufo has been a finalist for two national specialty food awards both for Outstanding Meat Product and Outstanding New Product.
Y0101065 · Individually Wrapped 9/6 oz. 


Salame Piccante translates to “spicy salami”, often called pepperoni. This thin, sometimes curved salami comes from the Calabria region of Italy. For this reason it is often called salame calabrese. Its international popularity has led to it being produced in an enormous variety of shapes and at varying levels of quality. There’s a world of difference between a genuine Salame Piccante and the pepperoni on fast food pizza.
Y0101071 · Individually Wrapped 9/5.5 oz. 

Wild Boar

Wild Boar salami is a mixture of field harvested Texas wild boar and all natural pork belly, seasoned with cloves and juniper berries for a robust yet sweet flavor. Creminelli’s Wild Boar Salami was selected as a finalist for Outstanding Meat in 2010 and has been featured in national media such as Wine Spectator, the San Francisco Chronicle and Tasting Table.
Y0101073 · Individually Wrapped 9/5.5 oz.


Crackling skin and succulent meat make Porchetta the mother of all pork roasts.  Skin-on pork belly from heritage pigs surrounds succulent pieces of sirloin and shoulder.  All generously seasoned with garlic, sea salt and rosemary, it's a flavorful alternative to turkey and spiral ham.
Y0101035 · Preorder · 4.5 lb. 

Whiskey Salame

Creminelli's uncured pork salami that has been marinated in high West Distillery's Son of Bourye whiskey.

Y0101246 · 9 / 6 oz.

Snack Packs


Sliced Felino & Manchego

Felino salami and Manchego cheese make a perfect pairing for a high protein (16g) snack.  1 oz meat and 1.2 oz cheese.

Y0111331 · UPC 850732006050 · 12/2.2 oz.

Sliced Casalingo & Aged Gouda

Creminellin family recipe Casalingo salami paired with nutty aged gouda from Holland.  17g protein per tray.

Y0111348 · UPC 850732006456 · 12/2.2 oz. 

Sliced Calabrese & Provolone

Uncured Italian salami made with organic red pepper and paprika paired with smoked provolone cheese.

Y0111349 · UPC 850732006432 · 12/2.2 oz.

Sliced Prosciutto & Mozzarella

Paper thin slices of aged prosciutto paired with aged mozzarella.  

Y0111350 · UPC 850732006449 · 12/2.2 oz.

Prosciutto, Mozzarella & Grissini

3 chamber snack tray with paper thin slices of aged prosciutto paired with aged mozzarell and grissini breadsticks.

Y0111384 · UPC 850732006760 · 12/2 oz.

Sopressata, Monterey Jack & Crackers

3 chamber snack tray with uncured Italian salami made with Sangiovese red wind and organic garlic paired with Monterey Jack cheese and sea salt & olive oil crackers.

Y0111385 · UPC 850732006753 · 12/2 oz.

Felino, Manchego & Crackers

3 chamber snack tray with a milkd, uncured Italian salami paired with mild sheep's milk Spanish cheese with sea salt & olive oil crackers.

Y0111396 · UPC 857189007166 · 12/2 oz.

Casalingo, Cheddar & Cherries

3 chamber snack tray with uncured Italian salami made with organic white and black pepper paired with white cheddar cheese and tart dried cherries.

Y0111410 · UPC 850732006180 · 12/2 oz.

Genoa, Provolone & Crackers

3 chamber snack tray with uncured Italian salami made with organic garlic, salt & pepper paired with soft Provolone and sea salt & olive oil crackers.

Y0111411 · UPC 850732006173 · 12/2 oz.


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