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Los Pedroches Valley, Spain

Covap raises pure Iberico pigs fed on acorns and transforms them into the finest cured meats on earth.  They use a cooperative model with hundreds of partners, the largest livestock farmers' cooperative in Spain.  They are fully integrated from fields to table, including feed production, meat, cured Iberico products and dairy.  Covap raises 100% Iberico pigs in their Dehesa, a very large ancient pastureland where the Iberico pigs roam free range and the Holm Oak produces the sweetest acorns.

Covaps minimum curing period is 36 months compared to the standard 24 months.  This produces the white spots, tyrosine crystals, that appear on the ham.  Their products are fully traceable from origin until it reaches your hands. 



Presa Iberico Belota

Acorn-fed 100% Iberico Pork Boneless Shoulder, an oval cut of Iberico pork from above the shoulder.  Its high fat inflitration makes it particularly juicy and pleasing for the palate.  it is bright red in color.

J3120050 · UPC 815938012229 6/1.5 lb

Secreto Iberico Bellota 

A fan shaped cut of Iberico pork, from the internal part of the loin, corresponding to the latissimus dorsi muscle. This cut has high fat infiltration and little lean meat, which gives it a pale, pinkish color and silky texture. 

J3120010 · UPC 815938012236 · 6/1.2 lb

Dry Chorizo Iberico

The chorizo is prepared with a traditional recipe using high-quality lean acorn-fed Iberico pork meat, seasoned with paprika and natural spices.  The cut has been subjected to an aging and dyingprocess in natural casing for minium of 60 days.  It has an intense and mild flavor and a characteristic aroma.

S0302020 · UPC 815938011192 · 6/1 lb

Acorn Iberico Ham

The boneless dry-cured Alta Expresión acorn-fed 100% Ibérico ham has been subjected to a long aging process in Covap’s natural drying houses for a minimum of 36 months. The most valued piece and selected exclusively for its racial purity and balance, with a deep respect for tradition. The ham shows fat infiltration in the muscle, tender texture with little fiber and a characteristic streaking caused by oleic acid. This piece is made without added nitrifying agents.

S0102030 · UPC 815938012380 · 9 lb



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