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Bella Bella Gourmet Foods

West Haven, Conneticut

Bella Bella represents a group of farms in Sullivan County, New York, that grow heritage breeds of Chickens, Poussin, Partridge, Quail, Rabbit, Moulard Duck, and Foie Gras. These farms have been producing wholesome poultry for over 25 years. In the U.S.D.A. inspected kitchen at Bella Bella Gourmet, the chefs are constantly working to develop exciting new “products that taste like no other” for years, and now you can experience the difference for yourself. 



Duck Prosciutto

Y1100010 · 8 oz.


Fois Gras Terrine

Y1100070 · 1.3 lb
Y1100100 · 8 oz.


Fois Gras Torchon

Y1100106 · 8 oz.


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