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Valrhona has been producing the world’s finest chocolate in the small village of Tain L’Hermitage, France since 1922. From the beginning, company founder and Pastry Chef Albéric Guironnet was dedicated to the creation of unique, artisan quality chocolate with complex, balanced and consistent flavors. This mission of excellence continues as the gastronomic traditions of the renowned Rhone Valley find expression in every mouthwatering taste of Valrhona’s superb chocolate. For almost a century, Valrhona has created a range of unique and recognizable aromatic profiles by perfecting techniques for enhancing the flavor of rare cocoa beans grown on land selected for its terroir. Today, leading Pastry Chefs and discerning gourmets rely on Valrhona’s expertise to experience the best that chocolate can be.


Ariaga White 30%

U5210470 · 11 lb box

Dulcey 32% Blond Feves

U5210100 · 6.6 lb bag

Opaly's 33% White Chocolate

U5210225 · 6.6 lb bag

Ivoire 35% White Chocolate

U5210230 · 6.6 lb bag

Satillia Milk 35% Feves

U5210450 · 26.4 lb

Caramelia 36% Caramel Milk Chocolate Feves

U5210040 · 6.6 lb bag

Jivara 40% Milk Chocolate

U5210240 · 6.6 lb bag

Satillia 62% Chocolate Feves

U5210440 · 26.4 lb

Manjari 64% Feves

U5210145 · 6.6 lb bag 

Aplaco 66% Feves

U5210010 · 6.6 lb bag

Pure Caribe 66% Feves

U5210130 · 6.6 lb bag

Guanaja 70% Chocolate Feves

U5210400 · 6.6 lb

Araguani 72% Feves

U5210175 · 6.6 lb bag

Coer Guanaja 80% Chocolate Feves

U5210340 · 6.6 lb bag

Cacao Paste Block

U5210220 · 6.6 lb block

Cocoa Powder

U5210330 · 6.6 lb box


Milk Free

Almond Inspiration

U5210210 · 6.6 lb

Passion Fruit Inspiration

U5210200 · 6.6 lb bag

Strawberry Inspiration

U5210270 · 6.6 lb bag

Yuzu Inspiration

U5210290 · 6.6 lb block



Chocolate Pearls

U5210115 · 3/3 kg

Caramelia Chocolate Pearls 

U5210025 · 3/3 kg
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