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Tcho Pro Couverture

Berkeley, California

How does TCHO make the flavor-driven chocolate? By obsessing where chocolate making really begins - the farm.  Through their TCHOSource porgram, TCHO builds direct relationships with farmers in cacao-growing regions and empowers them to improve their techniques to achieve greater quality, leading to better prices and improved livelihoods for their families. These relationships allow TCHO to control every step of the process, from fermentation and drying through roasting, conching, reining and blending, for a truly 'pod-to-palate' chocolate experience.


TCHO Pairings

TCHO Pairings is all about how great ingredients and great chocolate enhance the flavor of one another.  TCHO uses certified organic, as well as certified Fair Trade chocolates for their TCHO Pairings.




Toffee and Sea Salt

U0151020 · UPC 812603017978 · 12/70g Bar


Almond & Sea Salt

U0151050 · UPC 812603017947 · 12/70g Bar


81% Extra Dark Bar

U0151060 · UPC 812603017961 · 12/70g Bar


U0151266 · UPC 812603017855 · 12/70g Bar

Pretzel Crunch 53% Cacao

U0131514 · UPC 812603019125 · 12/70g Bar

Pure Notes™ Dark Chocolate 70% Cacao

U0151262  · UPC 812603017817 · 12/70g Bar

SeriousMilk™ Milk Chocolate 39% Cacao

U0151265  · UPC 812603017848 · 12/70g Bar

Assorted Gravity Feeder Chocolates

U0151261 · Assorted Milk Chocolates · UPC 812603019545 · 100/8g Bars 
U0151109  · Assorted Dark Chocolates  · UPC 812603019538 · 100/8g Bars 

TCHO Pro Nibs

Nibs are the very heart of cacao beans that have been separated from their husk and broken into small pieces. TCHO’s nibs are notable for their exceptional flavor, lack of bitterness, and good cocoa aromas. Cacao nibs are a growing food trend; innovative restaurants are getting creative with them in dishes both savory and sweet.
U0111165 · Roasted Ecuador Cacao Nibs · 3.3lb Bag 
TCHO PRO 99%tcho-3kgbag99(1)
The special 99% Cacao is a blend of remarkable organic, fair trade cacaos from Ecuador and Peru. Lacking the typical bitterness and astringency found in unsweetened chocolate, this blend is insanely rich and chocolatey, accented with subtle roasted nut undertones and a slight hint of figs and espresso. This is the taste of pure cacao– no added flavors or sugar. This flavorful, smooth unsweetened chocolate works well in baking, sauces, and hot cocoa –allowing you to control your own optimal level of sweetness in recipes.
U0111493 · 99% Cacao Unsweetened Dark Chocolate Drops · 6.6 lb Bag 
TCHO Pro Couverture
Designed for Professionals. Designed with today’s pro in mind, combing TCHO’s characteristic flavor focus with the highest performance standards. Pod-to-Palate flavor. Because TCHO directly sources their own cacao beans and form relationships with growers, they directly control final flavor and functionality, from bean fermentation and drying, to roasting, formulation, refining, and blending. Their scientific approach to bean fermentation and roasting makes for a rounder, more complex chocolate that is not bitter – by design. Tested, Perfected, Proven. TCHO’s innovative development process– which includes innumerable test batches and multiple rounds of performance evaluation by some of the best chefs and chocolatiers across the country – yields a chocolate that is bursting with complex, lush flavors, yet is easy to use, with excellent workability. “Smooth,” “full rich flavor,” and “very sophisticated,” are just a few of the comments they have received for the professional chefs who use and love TCHOPro chocolates.

39% Cacao Organic Milk Chocolate

U0121306 · Couverture Discs · 6.6 lb bag 

54% Cacao Milk Chocolate

U0110309 · Couverture Discs · 6.6 lb bag 



60.5% Cacao Dark Chocolate

U0111156 · Couverture Discs · 6.6 lb bag 



66% Cacao Organic Dark Chocolate

U0111051 · Couverture Discs · 3/6.6 lb bag 



68% Cacao Fruity Chocolate

U0121048 · Couverture Discs · 6.6 lb bag 



68% Cacao Dark Chocolate

U0111097 · Couverture Discs · 6.6 lb bag 

81% Dark Chocolate

U0111637 · Couverture Discs · 6.6 lb bag 

70% Chocolatey Chocolate

U0121047 · Couverture Discs · 6.6 lb bag 

62% Mosaic Dark Chocolate

U0111170 · 25 lb box

Organic Cocoa Powder 

Natural, not alkalized or Dutched. 

U0111642 · 2 kg


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