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DeZaan Cocoa is backed with 100 years of Dutch cocoa making expertise.
Starting with carefully selected, sustainably sourced cocoa beans from origin and harnessing proprietary processing techniques, DeZaan creates cocoa powders that are world renowned for quality, consistency and innovation.
DeZaan explores the four elements of cocoa powder-color, fat, dutching and most importantly flavor.
The unique range of visually striking cocoa powders gives professionals a vibrant palette to experiment with. 



True Gold

With notes of cocoa, flowers and citrus, this light and fruity, high fat, natural (non-alkalized) cocoa powder creates a balanced chocolate flavor. It is best used in cookies, desserts, sauces, confectionery, cakes and breads.

U5202025 · 1 kg Bag


Terra Rossa

With notes of cocoa, nuts, caramel and cream, this smooth, high fat, ditched (alkalized) cocoa powder creates velvety textured cocoa classics. It is best used in cookies, cakes and breads, ice creams, confectionery, desserts, and beverages.

U5202020 · 1 kg Bag


Carbon Black

With a nutty flavor and salty notes, this bitter, intense, dutched (alkalized) cocoa powder is for lovers of dark chocolate. It is best used in cookies, snacks and sauces.

U5202015 · 1 kg Bag

Crimson Red

A vibrant and versatile, high fat, dutched (alkalised) cocoa powder for distinctively colourful creations. This cocoa powder boasts a chocolate and caramel flavour, and a creamy and buttery texture, making it ideal for cakes and breads, sauces, ice cream, desserts, confectionery, and drinks.

U5202010 · 1 kg Bag


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