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Zephyr™ Caramel Pistoles

Slightly sweet white chocolate with an intense milk and caramel taste.  Applications include pastry ganache,  mousse, ganache filling and moulding with a 5 drop fluidity.

U5200840 · 5.5 lb.

Force Noire Pistoles

This chocolate of character, intensely dark, charms with its balanced cocoa taste and excellent roundness in the mouth.  This dark chocolate is perfect for pastry ganache, mousses or ganache fillings.

U5200810 · 11 lb.

Cocoa Butter

This cocoa butter protects from dampness and allows candies to harden. It thins the chocolate used in spray nozzles.

U5200400 · 6.6 lb.

Cocoa Powder Xtra Brute

A bright and intense red colour, this cocoa powder is ideal for coating truffles or for an amber dusting.  Ideal for decorating and sauces.  23% fat content.

U5200820 · 2.2 lb.

Paillete Feuilletine

Fragments of very thin pancakes for pralines, bonbons and pastries.  Perfect for decorations or adding a crunch in your pastry.

U5200420 · 4 / 2.5 kg


A 100% cocoa butter ideally used for tempering chocolate and for salted applications.  Wonderful alternative to oils for cooking.  Coat the meat or vegetables and drop into a dry pan.  The cocoa butter seals in the juices providing a juicier end product that has up to 50% less calories than using oil for the cooking.

U5200410 · 550 gr
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