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Cacao Barry from France supplies the most complete range of products to all artisan chocolate enthusiasts throughout the world: chocolates and couvertures, pralines, exclusive origins and plantations, inspiring them and inviting them to try new experiences. 

Zephyr™ (35%)

Recognized worldwide by Chefs for its unique character, this white chocolate has a delightful flavor of whole milk, with a slightly sweet taste and creamy texture. Kosher. 

U5200408 · 11 lb

Zephyr™ Caramel Pistoles (Pre-Order)

Slightly sweet white chocolate with an intense milk and caramel taste.  Applications include pastry ganache,  mousse, ganache filling and moulding with a 5 drop fluidity.

U5200840 · 5.5 lb

Force Noire Pistoles

This chocolate of character, intensely dark, charms with its balanced cocoa taste and excellent roundness in the mouth.  This dark chocolate is perfect for pastry ganache, mousses or ganache fillings.

U5200810 · 11 lb

White Chocolate Pistoles

U5200495 · 11 lb

Mi-Amere 58% Dark Chocolate Pistoles

U5200405 · 11 lb

Amer 60% Dark Pistoles

U5200875 · 11 lb

Cocoa 70% Dark Pistoles 

U5200880 · 11 lb

Deodorized Cocoa Butter

100% cocoa butter butter in mini pistoles form for easy melting and use. Kosher. 

U5200400 · 3 kg

Cocoa Powder Extra Brute

A bright and intense red colour, this cocoa powder is ideal for coating truffles or for an amber dusting.  Ideal for decorating and sauces.  23% fat content.

U5200820 · 2.2 lb
U5200825 · 5 lb bag

Paillete Feuilletine

Fragments of very thin pancakes for pralines, bonbons and pastries.  Perfect for decorations or adding a crunch in your pastry.

U5200420 · 4 / 2.5 kg


A 100% cocoa butter ideally used for tempering chocolate and for salted applications.  Wonderful alternative to oils for cooking.  Coat the meat or vegetables and drop into a dry pan.  The cocoa butter seals in the juices providing a juicier end product that has up to 50% less calories than using oil for the cooking.

U5200410 · 550 g / 1.21 lb

Roasted Cacao Nibs

Flakes of pure cocoa, carefully roasted according to tradition. 

U5200940 · 2.2 lb

Alunga (41%)

A slightly sweet milk chocolate with a dominant taste of cocoa and milk. A "new generation" chocolate with a pure and intense taste of cocoa, thanks to a new and unique method of fermentation: Qfermentation. Kosher. 

U5200406 · 11 lb

Extra-Bitter Guayaquil (64%)

This bitter dark couverture chocolate with roasted notes has a powerful cocoa flavor delicately lifted with a hint of coffee and chestnut. 64% cacao, 40.9% fat and four drop fluidity. Perfect for ganache filling, molding and enrobing. Kosher. 

U5200800 · 11 lb

Fleur De Cao (70%)

This dark couveture chocolate affirms a powerful cocoa flavour enriched with subtle floral and fruity-sourish notes. 

U5200870 · 11 lb

Ghana 'Origine' Milk (40%)

This Ghana origin milk couveture chocolate reveals great red fruit and chestnut savours enveloped in powerful cocoa and biscuit notes. 

U5200855 · 5.5 lb

Gianduja Hazelnut 

A refined mix of milk chocolate and light roasted hazelnuts. 

U5200930 · 5.5 lb

Lactee Barry Equilibre (36%)

The intense milk and creamy dairy taste of this pale milk couverture chocolate comes with delightful biscuit notes. 

U5200860 · 11 lb

Mexique (66%) 

After a slightly sourish initial taste, this Mexico Origin dark couverture chocolate with its high cocoa content releases spicy and woody notes, with a hint of liquorice. 

U5200850 · 5.5 lb

Mi Amere (58%)

This 58% dark couverture chocolate with delicately roasted cocoa taste reveals subtle sourish vegetal hint. Kosher. 

U5200405 · 11 lb

Chocolate Batons Boulanger

Dark chocolate sticks, ready to use and resistant to cooking, are in the perfect shape to make pains au chocolate. Kosher. 

U5200812 · 15/300 ct

Pralin Feuilletine

A delicious and crunchy ready to use preparation, composed of fragments of crepe dentelle biscuit, almonds-hazelnut praline, and milk couverture chocolate. 

U5201650 · 11 lb

Praline Noisettes

A delicious and crunchy preparation, with nuts slightly carmelized, and without preservatives. 

U5200900 · 11 lb

Hazelnut Croquants

Crispy texture, golden brown color, medium and large flakes, bake-stable, for decorating chocolate, ice-creams and desserts. Can be mixed with couvertures or giandujas to make crispy chocolate specialities, also used for decorating pastries, also suitable for making crumbles. 

U5200950 · 3/2.2 lb

Carma Massa Ticcino Tropic

Massa Ticino Sugar paste invented by Carma is the original white decoration paste, world-famous among cake designers. It offers an unmatched quality for covering, coloring and flavoring special-occasion cakes as well as modelling decorations. 

U5201010 · 11 lb

Cara Crakine™

A gourmand mixture with caramel milk chocolate (34.5%) and toasted cereal base.  Ready to use, its texture will crunch your creations.

U5200235 · Bucket · 11 lb

Dark Chocolate Vermicelli

U5200910 · 2.2 lb bag

Pete Grand Caraque

U5200980 · 6.6 lb pail

Chocolate Coffee Beans

U5201020 · 2.2 lb pail

Praline Paste Piedmont

U5201080 · 11 lb pail




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