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Callebaut Chocolate is well known for its superior chocolates from Belgium.  They produce high-quality, semi-finished chocolate products to be used as ingredients for many different applications. Callebaut Chocolate is high Kosher Dairy certified and made with all natural ingredients, sustainably grown cocoa beans and 100% pure cocoa butter. The great taste and workability of the chocolate is critically important to Callebaut, and well appreciated and depended upon by chefs.  Being a versatile chocolate, Callebaut can be used to make brownies and bake goods, or to create beautiful masterpieces.

Look at Callebaut's new Chocolizer to help you find the right chocolate for the flavor profile you are looking for, and the perfect pairing to go with it.


Ruby - RB1 Callets

The newest thing to hit chocolate since white chocolate.  This ruby couverture has a color and taste that comes naturally from the ruby cocoa bean, no colorants or fruit flavors are added.  3 drop liquidity makes these callets perfect for multiple applications.  Wonderful for enrobing, ganaches, bars or decorations (not recommended for use as an ingredient in baking).  33% Cacao, 26% Milk.

 U5200845 · UPC 541052259391 · CHR-R36RB12-US-U75 · Bag · 5.5 lb

Dark Callets

These have a well balanced, bitter cocoa taste,  3 drops liquidity and 54.5% cocoa solids.

U5200030 · 811 Dark (54.5 %) · 2/22 lb


Dark Callets

 3 drops liquidity and 70.4 % cocoa solids.

U5200065 · 70-30 Dark (70.4%) · 2/22 lb


Milk Chocolate Callets

These callets have a balanced milk, cocoa and caramel taste with 3 drops liquidity, 33.6% cocoa solids and 21.8% milk solids.

U5200060 · 823 Milk  ·  2/22 lb

Bittersweet Chocolate Callets

These callets have a dark and bitter taste with a high cocoa content. They have a 3 drop liquidity and 60.1% cocoa solids. 

U5200050 · 60-40 Dark Bittersweet · 2/22 lb 

White Chocolate Callets

The white chocolate callets have a creamy milky taste.  They have a 3 drop liquidity with 28% cocoa solids and 23% milk solids.

U5200010 · W2 White · 2/22 lb


Cocoa Powder, 24% Fat

100% cocoa powder with a high fat content

U5200100 · CP-777 · Bag · 11 lb

Mycryo Cocoa Butter Powder

U5200410 · 8/550 g


Raven Powder

Reddish colored cocoa powder

U5200005 · DCP-10J081-721 · Bag · 50 lb 

Bensdorp 10/12 SR 

Fat reduced, highly dutched red cocoa powder made from high quality West African cocoa beans and processed with alkali.

U5200000 · 100053-722 · Bag · 50 lb



Cocoa Mass - Cocoa Paste (Unsweetened)

Chocolate block of 100% cocoa solids

U5200070 · CM-CL-135 · Block · 11 lb


Cocoa Butter Mini Pistoles

U5200400 · 6.6 lb bag


Gianduja Milk

This is a ready to use mixture of milk chocolate and hazelnut paste. It can be used to make a great filling or flavoring, or can be simply enrobed after cutting. Gianjuja Milk with Hazelnuts contains 70% milk chocolate and 30% hazelnuts.

U5200350 · GIA-145 · Block · 11 lb


White Chocolate 35.8% Block

U5200435 · Block · 11 lb


Milk Chocolate 33.8% Block

U5200455 · Semisweet · 11 lb


Dark Chocolate 53.1% Block

U5200460 · Semisweet · 11 lb


Dark Chocolate 60/40 Block

U5200455 · Bittersweet · 11 lb

Classic Coating

The Classic Coatings are easy to use coatings that do  not require tempering.  These offer an exceptional shine and are perfect for coating strawberries, cookies, pretzels and more.  These come in a resealable tub.  Simply melt the chocolate in a double boiler or microwave, stir then glaze cakes or coat fruits or other products.  Cool for 10 minutes in the refrigerator to set and the product is ready to enjoy. 


Classic Coating Dark

U5200170 · IMD-BC-7025501-A71 · Bucket · 10 lb

Classic Coating Milk

U5200200 · IMM-BC-0026701-A71 · Bucket · 10 lb

Classic Coating White

U5200230 · IMW-BC-2026401-A71 · Bucket · 10 lb

Chocolate Mousse Mixes

The first ingredient in Callebaut Chocolate Mousse mixes is chocolate.  This is ready to use with a 5 minute preparation time, then 2 hour refrigeration time.  The mousse can even be piped into dessert glasses or chocolate cups before refrigerating. Each 800g bag is combined with 1 liter of milk (not heavy cream like most) yielding approximately 36 50g servings.  Callebaut Mousses can also be frozen without compromising quality. The texture of Callebaut Mousse allows for piping into glasses or scooping "quenelles" onto dessert plates.  This is a high quality mousse mix that provides easy preparation with a superior presentation and homeade taste.


Dark Mousse Mix

Contains 75% chocolate.

U5200120 · Bag · 800g

White Mousse Mix

Contains 58.5% chocolate

U5200140 · Bag · 800g 

Callebaut Crispearls 



U5200489 · 4/800 g

Dark Chocolate

U5200492 · 4/800 g

Milk Chocolate (Pre-order)

U5200488 · 4/800 g

Mini Tricolor Chocolate (Pre-order)

U5200490 · 10/425 g


U5200494 · 4/800 g

White Chocolate 

U5200493 · 4/800 g

Belgian Chocolate Blocks




U5200450 · 11 lb


U5200430 · 11 lb

Cacao Mass

U5200070  · 11 lb


Pate a Glacer




U5200080 · 11 lb pail


U5200085 · 11 lb pail


U5200090  · 11 lb pail
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