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Wisconsin Cheese

Emmi-Roth Kase Cheese

Monroe, Wisconsin

In 1863 Oswald Roth came to the United States from Switzerland and founded a cheese company specializing in Emmentaler. Cheese has been the family business ever since, finding their location in Monroe, WI in 1990. They chose Wisconsin for the high quality of the milk, the existing cheese making infrastructure and the strong Swiss heritage. Their cheeses have been consistent award winners combining their Swiss traditions of cheesemaking with the fabulous Wisconsin milk.


Grand Cru

Q5300010 · Pasteurized Cow’s Milk · Semi-Firm · 6 lb. Log

Shredded Gruyere

Q5300100 ·Pasteurized Cow's Milk · 5 lb.


Gran Queso

Spanish style cheese that is hand rubbed with a blend of spices then cellar aged for a minimum of 6 months.

Q5300140 · Pasteurized Cow's Milk · 6 lb.


Buttermilk Blue

Made with raw milk and cellar aged for a minimum of two months. 

Q5300200 · Raw Cow's Milk · 6 lb.


Moody Blue

Blue cheese delicately smoked over fruitwoods for a subtle undertone.

Q5300050 · Pasteurized Cow's Milk · 6 lb.