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Wisconsin Cheese

Deer Creek

Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Striving to bring the best and most consistent cheeses to the marketplace by hand selecting outstanding specialty vats, as well as developing and handcrafting award winning cheeses renovating classic heritage cheeses.



The Doe

A creamy bandaged-wrapped cheddar marbled with pure Madagascar Bourbon vanilla bean.  The whole vanilla bean is added during the cheese making process then allowed to penetrate throughout the cheese during the aging process. A velvety cheddar that is savory with a sweetly woody finish.

Q2800010 · Pasteurized · Cow's · Milk Semi-Firm · Wheel · 12 lb

The Rattlesnake

Spicy, sweet, tropical and HOT.  Not for the meek.  It starts with a medium aged cheddar and they infuse with a premium gold tequila and Habanero peppers.  Creamy mellowness of the aged cheddar, with warmth and sweetness of the tequila, then hitting you at the end with a burst of heat from the Habaneros.  A cheese that bites back.

Q2800030 · Pasteurized · Cow's · Milk Semi-Firm · Wheel · 12 lb


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