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Bleu Mont Dairy Cheese

Blue Mounds, Wisconsin

Willi Lehner is a renegade, even amongst the wild world of independent cheesemakers. He and his partner Qui’tas operate an off the grid dairy that runs on wind and solar power. He has trained with master cheese makers in the UK, and spent a summer herding sheep around the Swiss alps, making fresh butter from their milk daily. All that global experience has led him to make cheeses with real terroir, taking advantage of the best local grass fed milk and the unique attributes of his surroundings in Wisconsin’s “Driftless” southwest. 


Bandaged Cheddar

In 2008, Lehner completed construction on a mammoth affinage facility built into the hillside near his home. The shelves are lined with his signature creation, an English-style cloth bound cheddar. The cheddar is regularly spritzed with a mixture of water and old cheddar rinds and rotated by hand throughout the aging process (9-15 months). The finished cheese is a unique eating experience, with an incredibly dense and creamy paste overflowing with stony, herbal and pineapple flavors.
Q0900010 · Raw Cow’s Milk · Firm · Wheel · 10 lb


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