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Black Creek, Wisconsin

In the heart of Wisconsin’s Fox River Valley where the soil is rich and the pastureland picturesque, the region’s dairy cows graze on nutrient rich grasses; the foundation for Black Creek cheese. Distinctively rich and creamy, Black Creek’s Master Cheesemaker uses the uber-local milk to make full-flavor and award winning cheddars of various ages and flavor profiles, some of the best tastes in the state of Wisconsin.



9-Month Cheddar

Q7102020 · UPC 075805202904 · Semi-Firm · Block · 12/7 oz. 


9-Month White Cheddar

Q7102060 · UPC 075805202294 · Semi-Firm · Block · 12/7 oz. 


2-Year White Cheddar

Q7102000 · UPC 075805202386 · Semi-Firm · Block · 12/7 oz. 


2-Year Cheddar

Q7102040 · UPC 075805202928 · Semi-Firm · Block · 12/7 oz. 


3-Year Cheddar

Q7102080 · UPC 075805202942 · Semi-Firm · Block · 12/7 oz. 


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