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Brunkow Cheese

Darlington, Wisconsin

Brunkow Cheese has been artisinal cheese makers since 1899.  They are located in the Driftless Region of Southwest Wisconsin.  All cheeses are made by hand in small batches. All aging of cheeses is done on the premises.  Brunkow can be found at farmer's markets around the Midwest, as well as in grocery stores nationwide.   They take pride in their community and supporting the surrounding local farms.


Baked Bread Cheese

The baked bread cheeses are made from pressed cheese curds, so it can be heated and not lose form on the table.  This can be heated in a pan, baked in the oven or heated in the microwave.  

Q2600030 · Plain · 9 oz.
Q2600110 · Bacon · 9 oz.
Q2600100 · Garlic · 9 oz.
Q2600105 · Jalapeno · 9 oz.
Q2600070 · Pizza · 9 oz.


Fayette Cheese Spreads

Q2600135 · Cheddar · 6/8 oz.
Q2600240 · Food Service Cheddar · 5 lb.
Q2600155 · Blue · 6/8 oz.
Q2600165 · Jalapeno · 6/8 oz.
Q2600145 · Horseradish · 6/8 oz.



2 Year Cheddar

Firm, cow's milk cheese that has been cellar aged for 2 years.

Q2600300 · Yellow · 5 lb. Loaf
Q2600320 · White · 5 lb. Loaf


Little Darling

This is an English farmhouse-style small tomme (small aged wheel) that is cellar aged for 6 weeks. The natural gray-brown rind is gently pitted, while the interior is smooth with a straw color. The flavor is extremely earthy and mushroomy with slight vegetal notes. Little Darling has a firm, crumbly texture and is wonderful for pairing with fruits or wines, cooking or grating over vegetables.

Q2600010 · 1.65 lb. Wheel · Limited Seasonal Availability



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