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This cheese is made exclusively from sheep's milk (Latxa race of the farm's pastor), rennet, milk, enzymes and salt. The cheese is aged a minimum of sixty days. It has a natural rind, and is soft and pale yellow in color.  Idiazabal Natural has an homogeneous cut with almost no eyes. Its texture is more elastic and firm. It has a penetrating smell reminiscent of sheep’s milk, and an intense flavor with soft spicy notes. The aftertaste is persistent and pronounced. 

S0500240 · Idiazabal Natural DOP · Raw · Semi-Firm · Wheel · 2.2 lb
S0500250 · Idiazabal Smoked DOP · Raw · Semi-Firm · Wheel · 2.2 lb


Lácteas Zamoro

Lácteas Zamoro is a family business with more than twenty-five years of experience and dedication to the manufacturing of unpasteurized sheep's cheese.  Their cheese is the result of rigorous selection process of the raw material, the milk.  Zamoro has a very creamy, sweet, savory flavor.  It is hardy and nutty, not spicy and melts in your mouth.

S0500370 · Zamorano DO · Raw · Firm · Wheel · 6.6 lb  








Fortune Queso Manchego is produced by El Atrio, in the La Mancha region of Spain.  Manchego is made from the Manchega breed of sheep’s milk.  The designation is protected by Spain under the Demoninacion of Origen, DO.  
Sheep's Milk · Pasteurized · Semi-Firm to Firm · Wheel or Retail


S0500130 · El Atrio D.O. 3 Month · 2/6.6 lb

S0500138 · D.O. 3 Month · 12/150 gr
S0500190 · El Atrio D.O. 6 Month · 2/6.6 lb
S0500198 · El Atrio D.O. 6 Month · 12/150 gr
S0500220 · El Atrio D.O. 12 Month · 2/6.6 lb

S0500228 · El Atrio D.O. 12 Month · 12/150 gr


S0500010 · El Piconero  Rosemary Manchego D.O. 12 Month · 2/6.6 lb
S0500040 · El Piconero Olive Manchego D.O. 12 Month · 6/2.2 lb
  • Three Months, Semicurado is a semi-firm cheese aged for three weeks to three months, somewhat milder than curado.
  • Six Months, Curado is a semi-firm cheese aged for three to six months with a sweet and nutty flavour.
  • Twelve Months, Viejo, aged for one year is firm with a sharper flavour the longer it is aged and a rich deep pepperiness to it. It grates well, but can also be eaten on its own or as tapas


Hacienda Zorita Queso Oveja al Vino

Hard, raw sheep's milk cheese matured in syrah wine.

S0500060 · Wheel · 2.2 lb


Roncal DOP- Ronkari

The first Spanish cheese to be designated with a Denominacion de Origen, this cheese is named after the valley where it is made. Made with a mixture of raw latxa and rasa sheep’s milk, it has a robust, slightly sharp flavor, and a buttery texture. Try melting it over green vegetables.

S0500340 · Raw · Firm · Wheel · 6.6 lb


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