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Spanish Goat Cheese


Black Pepper Goat Cheese

This gorgeous goat’s milk cheese from El Piconero finishes with the zing of black pepper.  Aged three months, the quality of the milk shines thru.

S0500490 · Pasteurized, Semi-Soft · 6.6 lb. wheel



Cana de Cabra

This goat's milk cheese has a flavor and texture that is very similar to Bucheron or Montrachet cheeses from France. Rulo de Cabra is produced as a log with a white outer mold coating that covers a creamy smooth, inner white meat. Full flavored, but mild in taste, this cheese goes well as a snacking cheese on crackers, with hearty breads or on a variety of seasoned meats.

S0502080 · Pasteurized, Semi-Soft · 2.2lb. log




Garrotxa Pell Florida

S0500580 · 2.5 lb.

Ibores D.O.

S0500670 · 2.5 lb.



El Hidalgo Wine Cured Goat Cheese

 S0500439 · 6.6 lb.

Semi-Soft Goat Cheese 

S0500468 · 24/150 gr.





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