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Spanish Cow Cheese


Mahon D.O.P.

This cheese gains its characteristic lactic and salty notes through cows grazing on pastures immediately alongside the Mediterranean Sea on the island of Menorca.  The young cheese is soft and elastic and the cured cheese is firmer, easy to cut, and has a increased piquancy.

S0500820 · Semi-Cured · 3 Months · Raw Milk · Semi-Soft · 5.5 lb.
S0500850 · Cured · 6 Months · Raw Milk · Semi-Soft · 5.5 lb.


Tetilla D.O.P.

Galicia's most famous cow's milk cheese already stands out for its appearance in a breast shape. The aroma and flavor are reminiscent of fresh cow's milk without the excessive bitterness and with light notes of cream, vanilla and walnut.  Legend says this cheese was created by a group of nuns in a convent.

S0500880 · 3 Months Aged · Pasteurized · Semi-Soft · 2.2 lb. 


San Simon da Costa D.O.P.

An award winning, cow's milk cheese that is lightly smoked with birchwood.  The cheese texture is creamy, dense and cuts smoothly.  Use a girolle to cut it as you would a Tete de Moine.

S0500910 · 3 Months Aged · Pasteurized · Firm · 3. lb.



La Peral

Developed over 100 years ago in Asturias by Antonio Leon.  It is a gently blue blend of cow's milk and sheep cream.  Mild and smoothing rather than pungent with a hint of olive oil.

S0500970 · Pasteurized · Semi-Soft · 5 lb.
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