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Spanish Blend Cheese

Cabrales D.O.P. {Aged 3 Months}

Spain’s most famous blue, considered as medium piquancy by blue lovers but quite strong for the casual blue cheese connoisseur. It has a pronounced, persistent aftertaste. The smell is pleasant with a touch of nuttiness reminiscent of hazelnut and almond. Raw Cow & Goat’s Milk · Semi-Soft

S0501030 · 4.5 lb Wheel 

Valdeon I.G.P. {Aged 2 Months}

A blue mixed milk made in the Picos de Europa mountain range. It has a soft but dry rind. Intense cheese, with a grainy texture. It turns much stronger as it ages but will always appear milder than a Cabrales. Our Valdeon is wrapped in maple leaves, which is traditional in Spain.

Pasteurized Cow & Goat’s Milk · Semi-Soft
S0501000 · 5 lb. Wheel 

Ibérico {Aged 1, 4 & 10 Months}

Queso de mezcla (mixed cheese) is one the most popular table cheeses in Spain. Made with 50% goat‘s milk, 27% sheep‘s milk, and 23% cow‘s milk. Balanced flavor with just a hint of acidity. Greatly enhanced by a dollop of membrillo or nispero marmalade.

Pasteurized Cow, Goat & Sheep’s Milk · 1 Month
S0501090 · Soft · 6.6 lb. 
Pasteurized Cow, Goat & Sheep’s Milk · 4 Months
S0501060 · Semi-Soft · 6.6 lb. 
Pasteurized Cow, Goat & Sheep’s Milk · 10 Months
S0501110 · Semi-Soft · 6.6 lb. 
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