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This creamy, slightly piquant cheese is one of the staples in the Swiss cheese landscape, just like Emmentaler or Gruyere. What makes Appenzeller really special is the smear with which they rub the wheels - it includes an undisclosed mixture of herbs, spices, liquers, and/or wine from the region. Aged a minimum of 3 Months.
F0301670 · Cow's Milk · Raw · 14 lb 


Raclette Square

A unique square-shaped version of Raclette Classic, the famous Swiss melting cheese. The shape is perfect for slicing and heating on a grill with no waste. The cheese comes from the Seiler dairy, known as the expert on all things Raclette. Aged 3 Months.
F0301660 · Cow's Milk · Pasteurized · 13 lb


Tete de Moine AOP

Small but mighty, Tete de Moine is typically not sliced but shaved on a special tool, the girolle, into rosettes, which brings out the intensity of flavor and distinct melt in your mouth texture of the cheese. Aged 3 Months.
81301236  · Cow's Milk  · Raw  · 1.7 lb


Gruyere AOP (Cuts)

Gruyere is not only one of the classics but is also one of the most versatile cheeses of Switzerland. It is dominated by a smooth paste and sweet, creamy flavors. It can be enjoyed as a table cheese but is also ideal to cook and bake with. Age 6 Months.
F0301450 · Cow's Milk · Raw · 6 lb


Red Witch

A festive raw cow's milk cheese rubbed with cayenne pepper created to go with the beers, liqueurs, and wines enjoyed during Switzerland's carnival season. The Red Witch is a great snacking cheese with a creamy mouth feel, some sweetness, and a pleasant piquant kick. Aged 5 Months.
F0301680 · Cow's Milk · Raw · 13 lb · PRE-ORDER


Hoch Ybrig

A rustic and robust raw cow's milk cheese, Hoch Ybrig is crafted similarly to Gruyere, but during its 6-8 months of aging, affineur Rolf Beeler washes it in a local cider, bringing out some sweetness to blance the intensity of flavor. Aged 6-8 Months.
F0301690 · Cow's Milk · Raw · 15 lb · PRE-ORDER

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