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Bavaria, Germany

For over 100 years, Champignon has been true to original, pure cheese flavor.  They select and use only the best local, raw materials.  Milk is purchased only from controlled and contracted farmers, to ensure quality.  While producing the cheeses they purposely do not use any additives such as spices or flavorings and adhere only to traditional cheese making methods. The first Champignon Camemebert cheese was make from fresh milk in 1908, and the cheesemakers have passes the traditional recipe down through the generations.  There have been minor refinements made over the years, but the pure flavor has remained unchanged.





Soft ripened cheese with fine blue cultures running throughout.

Q7200090 · Pasteurized Cow's Milk · Soft · 2/5 lb.


Mushroom Brie

Q7200110 · Pasteurized Cow's Milk · Soft · 2/5 lb.


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