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Bavaria, Germany

For over 100 years, Champignon has been true to original, pure cheese flavor.  They select and use only the best local, raw materials.  Milk is purchased only from controlled and contracted farmers, to ensure quality.  While producing the cheeses they purposely do not use any additives such as spices or flavorings and adhere only to traditional cheese making methods. The first Champignon Camemebert cheese was make from fresh milk in 1908, and the cheesemakers have passes the traditional recipe down through the generations.  There have been minor refinements made over the years, but the pure flavor has remained unchanged.





Made with pasteurized cow's milk from swiss Brown Cows that graze in the Allgäu region of Bavaria, Germany. Its name comes from an ancient Roman settlement in Bavaria called Cambodunum, where the art of cheesemaking flourished. 

Gluten and rBGH free, made with microbial rennet. Imported from Germany.


Q7200090 · Pasteurized Cow's Milk · Soft · 2/5 lb.

Black Label Cambozola

Triple cream soft ripened cheese with blue veins and unique natural gray mold on the exterior. Aged twice as long as our traditional CAMBOZOLA and at half the temperature. Taller profile than traditional CAMBOZOLA. Sold only in whole wheels, not to be cut and wrapped by distributors.

Gluten and rBGH free, made with microbial rennet. Imported from Germany.


Q7200070 · Pasteurized Cow's Milk · Soft · 2/4.4 lb.


Grand Noir

Premium blue cheese with a luscious and creamy texture, hand-tipped in protective black wax and ripened for 8 weeks. A bold, but well-balanced blue flavor, Grand Noir is made with high-quality pasteurized cow's milk from Swiss Brown Cows that graze Allgäu region of Bavaria, Germany. 

Vegetarian with microbial rennet.
Gluten free, lactose free, rBGH free, and natamycin free.


Q7200080 · Pasteurized Cow's Milk · Semi-Soft · 1/5.5 lb.


Mushroom Brie

Double-cream with a yellow-white soft interior flecked with brown champignon mushroom, and a white bloomy edible exterior.

The one-of-a-kind Champignon Mushroom is truly a fan favorite. This soft-ripened cheese is flecked with fine champignon mushrooms that add a mild but refined earthy mushroom flavor. Called white or button mushrooms in the U.S., champignon mushrooms are hand-picked in Germany at the optimum time to ensure the very best quality and mushroom flavor. 


Q7200110 · Pasteurized Cow's Milk · Soft · 2/5 lb.


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