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Founded in 1990 by directors Stephon Jones and Ernie Waldron, Somerdale has become the leading exporter of British cheese to the US. With their passion for great British cheese, they seek out the top producers in the UK and Ireland to succeed in their mission to share wonderful cheese with other cheese lovers all over the world.


Barbers Vintage Cheddar

Barbers is one of the oldest cheddar producers in the world and is still family operated today, representing over 6 generations. Using heritage starter cultures, their cheddar is still produced by hand, and is aged in wooden boxes for 18-24 months. Barbers cheddar is heralded for its creamy texture, with a savory buttery finish.

F11700410 · 4/2.5 lb


Red Dragon

Red Dragon a creamy cheddar specially blended with wholegrain mustard seed and ale. This cheese is bursting with flavor and a wonderful bite, without being overpowering. Sweet and savory, this cheese is perfect for Burgers, Pretzels and Charcuterie boards.

F1700400 · 2/4.96 lb


Cropwell Bishop Stilton

One of six Stilton producers in all of England, they work closely with 16 small family farms where cattle graze as often as possible on lush grasses of Peak District National Park.  They craft their Stilton the traditional way, using recipes passed down through three generations.  Using artisan methods like hand ladling the curd, and 'rubbing up' to set the curd.  The cheese is monitored and turned daily by hand during aging, and after 5 weeks the cylinders are pierced to allow the signature stilton blue veins to start their process.  When the cheese is done aging it is then hand wrapped and ready to go.  These hands on practices are shown in the quality of this wonderful English Stilton.  Award winning with a rich, tangy flavor and velvety, soft texture that melts in your mouth.
F1700360 · 8.6 lb

Westminster Rustic Red

Westminster Rustic Red was a cheese that happened by mistake!
A helveticus culture was added to a savoury cheese recipe by accident. The cheesemaker noticed the error of his ways too late and the cheese was made, over time the cheese matured into something magnificent. Sweet, nutty caramelised notes combined with a little savoury bite makes Rustic Red a wonderful cheese.
The helveticus culture, (indigenous to the alpine region of Europe) creates a slightly shorter texture and its signature snap/crumble when bitten It’s the perfect cheddar for your cheeseboard.
F1701460 · 10 lb

Claddagh Bo Irish Cheddar w/ Irish Porter

A mild cheese handcrafted with plain Irish Porter, the perfect partner for this creamy cheddar. 
F1700340 · WHEEL · 1/5.3 lb.

Claddagh Bo Irish Cheddar w/ Irish Whiskey

Delicious handmade cheddar is blended together with smooth Irish Whiskey. This traditional 'monastic cheese', was reputedly introduced by the Irish Monks to Scotland way back in the mists of time. Today, Whiskey Cheddar remains a firm favorite - a soft buttery cheddar with a subtle note of whiskey. 

F1700345 · WHEEL · 1/5.3 lb.

Quicke's Clothbound Cheddar

Quicke's Traditional Cheddar is made using milk from their own pasture grazed cows & crafted by hand on the family farm by cheesemakers, who between them, have over 100 years' of experience. Quicke's cheeses are wrapped in muslin cloth, forming the signature rind. Then slowly matured for between 12, 18, and 24 months, it develops a rich and complex depth of flavors with a balanced, lingering finish.

F1700390 · WHEEL · 1/6 lb.

Tintern Cheddar w/ Chives

Tintern Cheddar with chives and shallots is a mature creamy Cheddar cheese. it takes its name from the village of Tintern on the River Wye, in Monmouthshire, Wales. The monks of Tintern Abbey are said to have farmed shallots in the abbey gardens. Excellent cheese for your next charcuterie board.

F1700420 · WHEEL · 2/4.9 lb.

Champagne Cheddar

A premium classic English Cheddar infused with the subtle fruitiness of champagne. This complex cheese has a creamy texture and is perfect for any celebration. Alternatively, it can be enjoyed with a class of champagn anytime!

F1700430 · WHEEL · 2/4.4 lb. · SEASONAL PREORDER

Wensleydale and Cranberry 

Creamy Wensleydale is one of England's oldest cheeses and was first made by monks in the North of England around the 11th century. Beautifully presented, this unrinded white cheese has a natura acidity that pairs wonderfully with fruit, creating the perfect desert cheese. Made with only the finest natural ingredients, it will provide a real lift to any cheese selection.

F1700465 · WHEEL · 2/4.96 lb. · PREORDER

Wensleydale and Blueberry

Wensleydale and Blueberries emphasizes the delicious combination of creamy cheese with juicy fruit. Ideal for pairing in this way, Wensleydale's slightly acidic flavor is perfectly balanced with the sweetness of the fruit- especially blueberries. 

F1700470 · WHEEL · 2/4.96 lb. · PREORDER

Wensleydale w/ Lemon and Honey

Wensleydale cheese is perfectly suited to pair with fruit, and this combination is amazing. Wensleydale is a slightly acidic cheese and the lemon curd and honey sooth that acidity to create an almost cheesecake-like flavor. This cheese befits any cheeseboard and is a refreshing contrast to heavier savory cheeses. 

F1700475 · WHEEL · 2/4.4 lb. · PREORDER

Challenger IPA Cheddar

A match made in heaven! This creamy aged English Cheddar is crafted, and aged only 15 miles away from the Village of Cheddar itself. Infused with a wonderfully hoppy traditional IPA we have created a sumptuously smooth cheese with fruity beer notes. The distinct line of Ash means this cheese stands out from others. Serve with French bread or melt to make a gooey beer cheese dip.

F1700480 · WHEEL · 2/4.4 lb. 


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