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For more than thirty years, casArrigoni has stood for the people and cheeses that their family has long produced and aged in their mountain home, in keeping with the most rigorous principles of Valtaleggio and Italian cheese makers: this is where local values become unique cheeses.



D.O.P. Taleggio

Q8100240 · Semi-Soft · Cow's Milk · Pasteurized · 4.42 lb 


Taleggio D.O.P. 'Latte Crudo'

This cheese is made using raw milk from several small diaries located in Valtaleggio and processed at the local farmer’s cooperative. Its charming simplicity represents an effort to preserve the aromas and flavors that our local pastures grant the cheese, thus evoking old-time Taleggio. The result is a Taleggio with a thin, rosy rind and a paste that is creamy toward the outer edges and slightly crumbly inside. Its unique flavor is at both fresh and, at the same time, mild where the paste is softer. An aging of at least 2 months helps emphasize this cheese’s intense, traditional qualities.

Q8100230 · Semi-Soft · Raw Cow's Milk · 4.42 lb · PRE-ORDER


Roccolo Val Taleggio 

Made from unpasturized milk produced solely from the Bruna Alpina cows. This cheese is brined in saltwater, then left to age on pine boards in natural caves for 6 months. Roccolo Val Taleggio has an earthy flavor with notes of mushrooms and a tangy finish. 

Q8100260 · Firm · Cow's Milk · Pasteurized · 5 lb · PRE-ORDER


Nababbo Goat Milk Taleggio

A wash rined goat cheese with a sweet and rich taste, yellow and grey outer mold, and a mild tanginess. 

Q8100350 · Semi-Soft · Goat's Milk · Pasteurized · 2.2 lb · PRE-ORDER


Favola al Tartufo

An ivory paste encased by a pink rind with a soft consistency, enriched with black truffles. Aged 60 days. 

Q8100410 · Soft · Cow's Milk · Pasteurized · 2.4 lb · PRE-ORDER


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