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Pasturo, Italy


PCarozzi is an innovative company located in Pasturo, Italy that has been crafting cheeses for over 50 yers. Their experience and respect for tradition combined with their deep roots in the Lombardy region, yield some of the most popular and exciting delacacies in an area renowned for its cheese tradition.



DOP Taleggio

Taleggio Stella Alpina DOP is a soft cheese made with high-quality whole cow's milk sourced from the Lombardy region of Northern Italy.
F1101850 · Cow's Milk · Pasteurized · Semi-Soft · 5 lb 


Gorgonzola Dolce DOP

Gorgonzola, primarily characterized and recognized for its inner veins of mold, is a favorite among Italian connoisseurs. Gorgonzola is considered to be one of the most characteristic and best-known Italian cheeses.
F1101820 · Cow's Milk · Pasteurized · Soft · 3 lb


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