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In the Andean Mountains in Colombia you will find the BUF creamery.  They believe that the greenest and healthiest grasses are found at 9000 feet above sea level. BUF built their factory in 2009, specifically designed to process buffalo milk.  They are the only USDA Organic Certified buffalo mozarella on the continent.


Water buffalo milk contains 58% more calcium than traditional cow's milk.  To stimulate the buffalo to release milk with the healthiest nutrients and finest flavor. BUF keeps their bufflao in a low stress environment and making the milking process as enjoyable as possible for them.  Buffalo recieve a shower to clean off and relax before milking then are only milked when their young are right next to them.  No pesticides, growth hormones or GMOs. With the exception of the Burrata di Bufala, all BUF products are made only from pasteurized water buffalo milk, and are lactose free.



Buffalo Mozzarella Ciliegine

Petite "cherry sized" balls of fresh mozzarella, this size is about the same as cherry tomatoes and can be tossed atop a salad, served on a cheese plate, or eaten alone. Approximately 15 grams each, 13 pieces per retail package.

Q3501000 · EAN 7707363540206 · 8/7oz · PREORDER
Q3501010 · 4/2.2 lb

Buffalo Mozzarella Bocconcini

Perfectly sized bocconcini or "little bite" are a perfect small egg shaped piece that can be easily skewered or served alone. Approximately 50 grams each, 4 pieces per retail package.

Q3501075 · EAN 7707363540244 · 8/7 oz · PREORDER
Q3501070 · 1000 gr · PREORDER

Buffalo Mozzarella Ovoline

Large "egg sized" slicable balls of fresh mozzarella, approximately 200 grams each.
Excellent for slicing. One piece per retail package.

Q3501040 · EAN 7707363540282 · 12/7 oz
Q3501050 · 1000 gr · PREORDER

Mozzarella Log

Low moisture log of fresh mozzarella, perfect for slicing.

Q3501060 · EAN 7707363546505 · 12/10 oz. · PREORDER


Burrata di Bufala

Outer layer of mozzarella hand-stretched into a pocket and then filled with "stracciatella" (cream and mozzarella), expertly finished off with a knot.

Q3501027 · Mixed Cow and Buffalo Milk · EAN 7707363540268 · 12/4.4 oz
Q3501030 · 4/1 kg · PREORDER

Basil Infused Ciliegine Mozzarella

Creamy ciliegine, marinated in a wonderful basil-olive oil infusion.

Q3501005 · EAN 7707363540244 · 8/7 oz · PREORDER 


Hot Pepper Infused Ciliegine Mozzarella

Creamy ciliegine, marinated in a wonderful red pepper and cayenne olive oil infusion.

Q3501008 · EAN 7707363540602  · 8/7 oz · PREORDER 


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