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This farmer-owned cooperative was founded in 1901.With artisan, time-tested techniques, the master cheesmakers handcraft the richest, most flavorful cheese using methods dated back generations.  The curds are still hand stirred, and the brine can be traced back to the mother brine from the co-op's founding in 1901.  Small family farming, traditional craftsmanship and a dedication to sustainability come together to create premium Dutch cheeses.  Their commitment to the health and happiness of their cows, farmer and the planet are all part of what goes into creating the best cheese.  Workers are offered living wages, the land is protected, energy conserved, and the cows are treated like part of the family.




Vlaskaas is a cheese dating back generations.  Aged six months giving this cheese an exceptionally creamy texture and sweet taste, making it perfect for any occasion.

F1300220 · Pasteurized Cow's Milk · Semi-Firm · 8 lb 1/4 wheel


Regarded in the netherlands as the signature Dutch cheese.  The complex taste is developed through natural aging for over 18 months in historic cheese warehouses.

F1300240 · Pasteurized Cow's Milk · Semi-Firm · 6 lb 1/4 wheel



Goat Gouda

Wonderfully clean, sweet taste and smooth texture.  Perfect flavor for those new to goat cheeses.

F1300200 · Pasteurized Goat's Milk · Semi Soft · 6 lb  1/4 wheel

Extra Aged XO

This cheese has a firm and crumbly interior that is creamy with tastes of butterscotch, whiskey and pecan.  Aged 26 months.

F1300260 · Pasteurized Goat's Milk · Firm · 6 lb  1/4 wheel


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