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Sweet Grass Dairy Cheese

Thomasville, Georgia

In just ten years, Sweet Grass Dairy has grown from an experimental farm with a herd of eleven animals into a leading artisanal cheese producer focused on high quality products and sustainable agriculture. Jersey cows on the farm are allowed free range; the warm Southern climate allows the animals to graze on grass year around. Owners Jeremy and Jessica Little and their staff are committed to hand-making and packaging every cheese, and that attention to detail is apparent in every bite.


Asher Blue

A unique blue cheese, its intricate flavors shift with every bite. One will be meaty. The next sweet. Another earthy. The dense, creamy paste keeps your palate on its toes while deep, flowering blue veins hint at a robust finish. But, unlike many blue cheeses, it maintains an unexpected mild finish. Named after the Littles’ middle child, this cheese causes just enough charming mischief during their hand piercing process to bear his name.
Q1100070 · Raw · Cow’s Milk · Semi-Firm · Wheel · 6.5 lb

Green Hill

Sweet Grass’ signature young cheese, Green Hill is a Camembert-inspired double cream featuring a thin bloomy rind. Hand-ladled discs are aged two weeks yielding a spreadable paste with emphasized butter flavors. Known to discerning chefs from coast to coast, Green Hill captured first place at the American Cheese Society in 2007 and 2008.
Q1100100 · Pasteurized · Cow’s Milk · UPC 855632006001 · Soft · Puck · 7.5 oz.

Thomasville Tomme

This raw grass-based cow’s milk cheese is made in the style of a Pyrenees Tomme. The high butterfat milk provides this cheese with smooth, rich, and buttery characteristics. Tomme is subtle and complex with a thin, natural rind that gives way to a semi-firm golden interior. It’s finish is tangy and slightly salty.

Q1100010 · Raw · Cow's Milk · Semi-Firm · Wheel · 5-6 lb 


Pimento Cheese (Special Order)

Q1100105 · UPC 855632006186 · Pasteurized · Cow's Milk · Tub · Soft · 8/6 oz.
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