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Tulip Tree Creamery

Indianapolis, Indiana

Located on the northwest side of Indianapolis, Tulip Tree Creamery uses milk from Indiana dairy farmers who pledge not to use growth hormones.  Tulip Tree Creamery's cheesemaker, Fons, is from the Netherlands, but has lived in Indiana for over ten years.  Their mission is to create unique products, have fun, be customer focused, support Indiana farmers, educate people, and to maintain a creative environment.




Triple creme, bloomy rind cheese, inspired by the French classics- Camembert and Brie.  2016 Good Food Award Finalist.

Q6500010 · Pasteurized Cow's Milk · Soft · 8 oz.



A double creme, washed rind cheese with earthy, more pungent flavors created by cultures applied on the distinctive reddish rind.

Q6500030 · Pasteurized Cow's Milk · Soft · 8 oz.


Dutchman Breeches

Double cream, mold-ripened cheese made of their special blend of buttermilk, whole milk and cream then covered with white and blue molds.  It is an ugly square of cheese, but with a unique flavor and a velvety texture.

Q6500032 · UPC 856866005839 · Soft-Ripened · 8 oz.

Tiger Lily

A creamy and unique washed rind cheese.  This smooth and decadent cheese is similar to a mix between the French Tomme and Italian Tallegio.

Q6500038 · UPC 856866022003 · 8 oz.



This mild, semi-soft, natural rind cheese is inspired by European cheeses from the Alpine region.  Aged six to eight weeks, Haymaids has sweet tones, a subtle nutty flavor, and larger eye development, similar to an Emmenthal cheese.

Q6500070 · UPC 856866005242 · Semi-Soft · 4 lb.


Cultured Butter

A traditional butter made from the cultured cream and sea salt.  This butter has an amazing flavor and texture.

Q6500050 · UPC 856866005112 · 8 oz. Tubs


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