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Shepherd's Way Farm Cheese

Nerstrand, Minnesota

Shepherd's Way Farm was established in 1994 by Steven Reed and Jodi Ohlsen reed with a small flock of dairy sheep.  Initially all the milk was sold to the Wisconsin Dairy Sheep Cooperative, but in 1998 they produced their first farmstead cheese, Friesago.  Now, with the help of their four boys, the Reeds maintain a flock of 200 dairy ewes.  Shepherd's Way is a family-based, family-run farm based in Minnesota an hour south of Minneapolis.                                                   

Big Woods Blue

Big Woods Blue is a full-flavored sheep milk blue cheese. Named one of the best blue cheeses in the country, Big Woods Blue blends spicy notes of a blue with the creaminess of sheep milk for a complex flavor. Finishing top in its class at ACS more than once  --  and a 2011 ACS award winner  

Q8300100 · Sheep's Milk · Firm · 6 lb. Wheel 


Q8300225 · Sheep's Milk · Semi-Firm · 3/7 lb. Wheel 

Hidden Falls

Q8300130 · Sheep's Milk · Soft · 1/2.5 lb. Wheel 

Shepherd's Hope

Q8300180 · Garlic · Sheep's Milk · Soft · 4/.75 pc. · Wheel 

Q8300140 · Original · Sheep's Milk · Soft · 1/4 lb Wheel 

Morcella (SEASONAL)

Q8300120 · Sheep's Milk · Soft · 2/2.5 lb. Wheel


Q8301230 · Sheep's Milk · Soft · 1/5 lb. Wheel


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