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Central Point, Oregon

Rogue Creamery believes that cheese making begins with the cows grazing on flavorful local grasses and does not end until the final product is aged to perfection and is on your plate.  All of their animals are bred to produce perfect milk for cheese making - rich in protien and butterfat. The milk is flavorful and ideal for creating award winning cheeses because it is able to be pasture grazed for most of the year.  

Today Rogue Creamery has won multiple national and international awards for its cheeses. During the Depression of the 1930's Tom Vella opened a creamery in southern Oregon.  This region had scattered farms and pear orchards, as well as seasonal logging employment.  The new business of the creamery created year round jobs that were desperately needed at this time and was a welcome addition to the area.  Vella employed local people and was very mindful of using local dairies so that as he expanded and grew he could help more of the small farms.  The Rogue River Valley and Rogue Creamery did much better than expected during the Great Depression compared to other areas of the state, then during the war made great contributions shipping millions of pounds of cheddar overseas.  Post war Vella employed more people and soon became the first major supplier of cottage cheese in Oregon.  This success inspired Vella to expand to blue cheese, traveling to Roquefort, France, where he was welcomed and able to learn much of the secrecy of cheese making from the Roquefort Association, returning and constructing caves and a Roquefort type cheese factory, earning respect and success for his efforts.



Smokey Blue

Gently cold-smoked over Oregon hazelnut shells this blue cheese is given an extra layer of rich flavor. Balancing the smoky and earthy flavors is flavors of sweet cream with caramel notes.  A smooth blue cheese that is the first of its kind. 

Q4400010 · Organic Pasteurized · Cow's Milk · Semi-soft · Wheel · 5 lb


Rogue Creamery pays tribute to its Italian heritage with this cheese. Developed in the late 1990s, Oregonzola is the only cheese in the US that uses blue mold brought from Italy.  It is sweet and savory and reminiscent of the classic Italian Gorgonzola.  Cave aged for a minimum of six months. 

Q4400050 · Organic Raw · Cow's Milk · Semi-soft · Wheel · 5 lb 
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