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Redhead Creamery

Brooten, Minnesota

Founded in 2014 by Alise and Lucas Sjostrom on the family farm where she grew up with her parents and three sisters.  Alise concentrates on small format cheeses, limiting her cheese making to three days per week.  While this farmstead creamery is just a few years old, it has already earned numerous accolades from nationwide. 



Little Lucy Brie

Small and cute just like the little girl this cheese is named after.  Grassy when young and gets creamier and more pungent with age.

Q2000030 · Pasteurized · Cow's Milk · Semi-Soft · 12/6 oz


Garlic Cheddar

Cave aged cheddar that has been aged a minimum of three months with added garlic.  Wonderful to eat as is or over a favorite pasta dish.

Q2000010 · Pasteurized · Cow's Milk · Semi-Firm · Wheel · 8-10 lb 




North Folk Whiskey Washed Munster

French style munster washed with whiskey from a Minnesota distillery. Redhead accomplished with this cheese just what they wanted, a cheese with creamery stink and pungency that breaks down as it ages. The middle becomes wonderfully gooey and the flavor depth increases as the cheese ages. 

Q2000050 · Pasteurized · Cow's Milk · Semi-Soft · Puck · 12/6 oz.


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